Dalja's Spring on GMA 7 -- FINALLY !

Finally Dalja's Spring has arrived on Pinoy TV ! and darnit they're one year late. GRRR ! Dalja's Spring was shown on Korean TV on KBS from Jan-March 2007... look at the calendar its already JUNE 2008~ I've waited one year for this...?! AGGGGHH! When actually after some months of Coffee Prince being aired in Korea, GMA bought the rights to it and aired it on Pinoy TV after some, what, I dont remember 2-3 months perhaps? When actually Dalja's Spring is much, much more better than Coffee Prince. I'm not actually a hater/lover of CP, I'm in between since I've seen it and liked it but never addicted to it. Even though my mom loved it, my sis was crazy for it and my dad even was hooked to it for sometime. But nothing can compare to Dalja's Spring! Beat that. Okay, what a way to start off another post by ranting after being absent for some years. Hehe. I'm just spazzed out that Dalja's Spring is finally, finally, looooooong overdue being shown and graced pinoy TV. I'm never a big fan of tagalized/dubbed korean dramas (Except that if i really like it, i'll watch) But then again, Originals can never be better since sometimes dubbed dramas here are so far from the original... but its way more better nowadays I think.

And GMA had better dubbed it properly or very same with the original korean lines becoz I swear I'd sure flip out everyday if I hear a wrong/far-fetched dubbing becoz I've seen DJS on dvd for 10x already God knows I've almost memorized it's korean lines already.. Not bragging though but it's this much I love DALJA'S SPRING ! ^^

Back to the topic!!! I'm really plugging DALJA'S SPRING it starts on Monday, June 2 so watch out for it on GMA Telebabad ! Yes I'm a filipino gal who loves is obssessed with too much korean entertainment so yeah.

check out Dalja's Spring OST: its the best ! ^^

1: Miracle Love - Lee Kyung Hwa
2: Sweet Lover - Park Hye Kyung
3: To You Mine - Pearl's Day
4: Hold on to Memories - So Yeon
5: Hold My Hand - K Jun
6: Bad Love - MRJ
7: Heart - Eun Young
8: Impression
9: Ya Ya Ya
10: Hold on to Memories Instrumental
11: Lively Breeze
12: Surprise
13: To You Mine (Funky Version)
14: Miracle (Orchestra Version)
15: You Remember
16: Miracle Love (Original Version)

I'm a sucker for DJS, I love everything about it, the cast, characters, plot, story, dialogues, lines, the setting, thier fashion senses, the actors behind it, EVERYTHING! of course the OST and if I have enough time i'd translate to english most of the lyrics of the songs.. if it is not done already. I might have done some songs already... & Finally, the teaser for DALJA'S SPRING!



JUNE 3, Still no sign of GMA showing Dalja's Spring~ and I'm flipping out ! ARGGGGGH!