These two really has something going on!!! Well, good for them, As I really think theyre cute... so, will Han Hye Jin be the one Lee Dong Gun will ask.. "Will you wake me up every morning???" heehee~~~ are they for real?!?!?!? Am soo confused.... 그래서, 동군 오빠... 말해봐...??? haha..

And lookee what I found from Han Ji Hye`s cyworld.. heehee.. and her name is as: 이지혜??? LEE Ji HYE???

여걸 식스~~~ 안녕???

Heroine 6, Goodbye?!?!?!?!

Of all the variety shows I watch, have watched, am watching~ *old* X-man, Loveletter, Friends Happy Together, Sponge, Infinity Challenge, Nice Guys Time, Star Golden Bell, Sang Sang Plus, Vitamin, Gold Fishery, Jiwhaza, FC Shootdori, Yashimmanman... it is Heroine 6 I love the most!!!

Heroine 6 already ended... But then there will be a new season after all.. yay!!! But then...

It's soooo sad~! I love the heroines! From Hye Ryun to Hyun Young to Bin to Sun Hee to So Yeon and the *newer* one Sung Kyung~ yes I have come to accept her already as a yuhgul... tho she was the one replacing HY.. There will be a new season, the Heroine6 season 2 and the news is the new yuhguls will be Jo Hye Ryun, Hyun Young [stays], Cha Yeon, Kim Min Seon, Park Kyung Lim... and I wonder whose the other new heroine will be... I hope MC JiSukJin stays!!! He was one great MC! I remember in the awards show when he had this Best MC award stuff he started crying~ and I dunno if that was fake cryin or what but I guess he was really touched! So its kinda sad not to see him as the MC of Heroine6.. Park Kyung Lim is funny, as I have seen in some interviews, I just seen Cha Yeon on Nice Guys Time and she's well.. tolerable.. I have seen Kim Min Seon in dramas before but I guess I will see a new side of her in H6..

I will still watch H6 but I wanna see Jeon Hye Bin, Lee Hye Young, Jung Sun Hee and Lee So Yeon back!!!!!!!!! I know, I know am being senseless here.. but~~ I guess Bin will be busy coz of Witch YooHee. Also, SunHee with her Golden Fishery, and Lee So Yeon~ I wonder if she got new drama coming up and Hye Young~ I wish she will have a new drama! I miss her already, hee!!! It's sad that the heroines I love aint gonna be there anymore.. wahhh! And I hope the 3 gagman: Kim Jong Min, Lee Jung and Shin Jung Hwan will still be there! They were really great on H6!! They made me laugh so much!!! Sure I loved them in other shows but theyre more fun at H61!!! Still I will still support H6!!! I have watched this show eversince 2005!!! And even without subs on TV I laugh like a fool just by looking at them and you will get the games eventually as time goes by.... Hah! I really love H6.. daymm..

I will never forget Kim Jong Min's Michael Jackson Dance and Koyote's surprise performance, which was uber great! Hye Young's *live* La dolce Vita & CoCo singing and dancings, HyunYoung's *I'm Shower* to Daniel Henney, Bin's awesome sexy back dance and also the dance with Brian, SuJu's awesome dance performances too and how each time they just made me go :O at every dance number, Shinhwa's Wild Eyes live perf, DBSK's appearances, MC Mong-HyeYoung tandem, HyunYoung-Brian tandem, Kim Ki Bum`s *Kokkuro* suggestion to Catch the mouse game coz he has a 138 IQ, HyeRyun-HyunJoong 'omoni' tandem, Shin Jung Hwan's *bee* dance, Lee Jung-LeeSoYeon loveteam, the horror house special which I think is the funniest episode coz it made my sides split and made me laughing like a crazy fool and yes I watched it unsubbed, still it was too funny! SunHee&HyeRyun as Yeobo's every Bad Family sketches, Xiah's laser dance=uber awesome, LeeSeungGi giving gifts to the girls which was soo sweet, JangWooHyuk's powerful dances and him as the "BOONG" boy, Mc Mong's rap to the girls~ soo sweet! The DBDBDip master who was undefeatable, the 3 years old segments, the catch the mouse games and how funny it was~! How they finally beat the DBDBDip Master on that New Years '06, KimJongKook kissin ShinJungHwan~ total laughtrip!! mwahaha...! LeeSoYeon's stiff dancing and that couple dance with LeeMinKi! MC Mong's Ayoomi's 'Cutie Honey' performance, HyunJoong as the aigoo star, the worst catch the mouse players ever which includes JungJoonHo, Mc Mong and others, that english version of catch the mouse game, HyunYoung's sexy bar... 이으구...친짜, 정말~! I could go on and on with stuffs I love about H6 but it will be too long!!!! wahhh.. tears are actually forming now~~ 안돼~ 없어!!! I might seem over-reacting but I just love H6... ㅠ.ㅠ I love them Yuh Girls!!! Congrats for the H6 season 1 for making it last for three years, twas a great three years!!!! & I will never, ever forget the older heroines~ Lee Hye Young, Kang Soo Jung, Choi Yuh Jin, Lee So Yeon, Jung Sun Hee and Bin...!!!! They were all unforgettable to me, different in all aspects but definitely, I love them all. This was a show that made me laugh so hard, entertained me to the max and made me cry for some [coz of the heroines leaving the show]

They will always be HEROINES TO ME!!! 여걸 forever!!! 여걸식스 시준2~파이팅!!! Heroine6 Season1~~ long live!!!

thanks to naver & jahye of h6 thread on soompi for the pix



Carrot Song~

Aww I loved this scene in My Girl... Yoorin is feelig guilty coz she thinks its hard for Gongchan because of her, so she tried to cheer him up by singing to him! But in the end, she started to cry, aaaw and a kiss from Gongchan-ssi!!! ♥♥♥

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Lee Dae Hae Version:

Original Version:

LYRICS [korean, konglish, english]

아~ 아~ 아~
Ah~ Ah~ Ah~

당~ 근~ 쏭~!
Dang Geun Song!
Carrot Song!

나 보고싶니? 당근
Na Bogoshipni? Danggeun~
Do you miss me? Carrot!

나 생각나니? 당근
Na Saengaknani? Dangeun~
Do you think of me? Carrot~

I Love U~ U Love Me~

Danggeun Danggeun Danggeun~
Carrot Carrot Carrot~

나 조아하니? 당근~
Na Choahani? Danggeun~
Do you like me? Carrot~

나 사랑하니? 당근~
Na Saranghani? Danggeun~
Do you love me?

I Love U~ U Love Me~

Danggeun Danggeun Danggeun~

너 변하지마~ 당근~
Neo Pyeonhajiman~ Danggeun~
You dont have to change~ Carrot~

언제까지나 당근~
Eonjekkajina Danggeun~
I will wait for long~ Carrot~

조아해 조아해
Choahae Choahae
I like you I like you
Danggeun Danggeun Danggeun
Carrot carrot carrot~

늘 행복해요~ 당근~♪
Neul Haengbokhaeyo~ Danggeun~
Always be happy~ carrot

늘 즐거워요 당근~♪
Neul Cheulgeoweoyo Danggeun~
Always cheer up~ Carrot~

사랑해 사랑해
Saranghae Saranghae
I love you I love you

당~ 근~ 송~!
Dang Geun Song!
Carrot Song!

때로는 짜증나고 때로는 힘들어도
Daeronun Kkacheungnago Ddaeronun Himdeuleodo
Sometimes its going to be hard and irritable, sometimes its hard

너의 곁에 언제나 웃고있는 날 생각해
Neoyeh Gathe Eonjena Uthgoithnun Nal Saengakhae
I think of you whenever and I smile

때로는 짜증나고 때로는 힘들어도
Daeronun Kkacheungnago Ddaeronun Himdeuleodo
Sometimes its going to be hard, irritable, sometimes its hard
너의 곁에 언제나 함께하는 나를 생각해
Neoyeh Gathe Eonjena Uthgoithnun Nal Saengakhae
I think of you whenever and I smile

아~ 아~ 아~
Ah~ Ah~ Ah~
당~ 근~ 쏭~!
Dang Geun Song!!

From My Girl Ep13
마이걸 13희

My Aigoo Star!

Kim Hyun Joong

Heehee. He is my ultimate S baby! Yeh, he's my favorite from SS501. He's too adorable. I love it when he comes out on Heroine 6~ I always anticipate his AIGOO!!! When playing Dibidibidip game!!! He's like too freaking mad when he fails, then claps his hand altogether and yells, AIGOO!!! awww! Even the Yuhgul`s can do it perfectly already, haha. Yep he's the Aigoo star.... Gahhhhhh..... I will miss H6 tooooo much!

From ep 118
*too bad there's no DBDBIP game anymore this year.. ㅠ.ㅠ

HyunJoongie with his OMONI!!! Hahahah~~

From EP 85, 86

Lee Young Ae & Lee Byung Hun [vod]

On 43rd Baeksang Awards~!


Male MC: Now it's time to award best actor & actress prize for films.
Female MC: Mr. Lee Byeong-Heon and Ms. Lee Young-Ae will award the prize. Please welcome them with applause.

Lee Byeong-Heon: Good to see you, this is Lee Byeong-Heon.
Young-Ae: Hello, this is Lee Young-Ae.
YA: Mr. BH, it's been a while since we met. How have you been?
LBH: I'm shooting a new film these days.
YA: Great, I'm looking forward to the film.
LBH: How about you, Ms. LYA?
YA: I'm preparing too. (for a new project--I don't think she meant she decided on her new project though)
LBH: I see.
YA: I heard that the number of films produced this year has decreased from last year. I hope that all of you will continue to love and support our movies this year as well.
LBH: I prepared lots of things to say, but because of time limitation, I can't say any of them. (laughs) Let's take a look at the nominees for best film actor prize.
[Best film actor nominees]
LBH: Please announce the winner, Ms. LYA;
YA: Sure. Best film actor prize of the 43rd Baeksang Arts Awards goes to Mr. Ryu Seung-Beom of 'Bloody Ties'. Congratulations!
Female MC: Mr. RSB acted the role of Sang-Do, a drug dealer in 'Bloody Ties', effectively showing the good and evil side of the character with his charismatic performance. Congratulations again.
Male MC: He lost so much weight, so I didn't recognize him at first. Let's hear what he has to say.
Male MC: Let's continue to the next prize.
YA: Now, let's take a look at the list of nominees for the best film actress prize of the 43rd Baeksang Arts Awards.
[Best film actress nominees]
YA: Mr. LBH will announce the winner now.
LBH: Best film actress prize of the 43rd Baeksang Arts Awards goes to Ms. Yeon Jeong-Ah of 'The Old Garden'.
Female MC: Ms. YJA acted the role of Yoon-Hee, who falls in love with a man hiding from the pursuit of military dictatorship, with her delicate and stable performance. Congratulations.

thanks to momo of leeyoungae.net for translations ^^



Lee Young Ae on 43rd Baeksang Awards! Wahh Lookin gorgeous Eonnie~ its been awhile since I saw her on TV..!! 너무 이쁘다!!! 정말 이뻐서요!!! ^_____________^


Together again...

Or really together after all this time??? ^^

seriously.. I thought these couple already broke up.. yeah I believe theyre together.. but they haven *confirmed* anything yet. still, good for them, I like them together :]

Dong Gun Sarang Hye Jin ^^


La La La Dolce Vita.. Cha Cha Cha.. Gara Gara..

Awwww, Xiah isnt my fave. partner for HyeYoung~ ya know she said they just look like aunties... haahaa. But theyre still cute!!! Awwww... 너무 귀엄다!!! ^^

From Heroine6 [:

And HyeYoung eonnie confessed she DOESNT sing live~ which I find funny btw, as opposed to what others might think that its lame.. coz she used to be a singer... anywho... She's just not good at live singing... haahaa... no matter what she really do in H6... its too cuute!!! awww.. haahaa. She said 라이브 한번도 안해봤어요 [am pertaining on the pic below]. Which I think in english is, I never sang live once.... OHMONA!! haahaa..!! Mc Mong and Hye Young~ now MC Mong is my fave partner of her.. heehee.

So, one episode in Heroine6, she sang live... aigoo!!!! Oh not only once, I remember she also sang for KimJongMin... LMAO!!! I was laughing so hard but at the same time i think she was cuute.. not to mention brave.. bravo~ HyeYoung eonnie!!! and HyunYoung!!! Sure HyunYoung and HyeYoung has songs and singles but yeah yeah they cant sing live WELL but I still love them.. hah!! They also performed in a special EP in Guam together but still.. this one here is the best perf of them so far.. LMAO!!! Theyre such cute dorkies!! XD So yeah... what happens when HyeYoung and HyunYoung sings live together? TOTAL LAUGHTRIP... and then when HyunYoung, and HyeYoung was dancing and singing~~ differently HyeRyun comes to join but LeeHwiJae stops her.. OMGGG!! So it was like:

HyeYoung: La La La Dolce Vita~~
Hyun Young: Cha Cha Cha
Hye Ryun: Gara Gara---

Roflmao ^_^ I really love them yuhguls... they make me laugh, heehee. and this is HyeYoung`s song: LA DOLCE VITA ^^

and this is where she performed LIVE on H6 + the actual choreography of the song.. I cant stop laughing~~ but I still admire her, she's my fave heroine ^^ [used to be *sobs] :3

and now this is from KBS music show: Show! Music Bank! she can dance~ LOL!!! She can strut her stuff, heehee.. I think she's just more *demure* then? LOL. and I`m quite sure she lipsynched here: [but the heck I care, she's still my fave] This vid and her single was released from the year 2000, btw.

So yes. She might not sing too well in live, she even said she's not good without scripts and she may have looked mean in H6~ still beyond all her faults, I accept her as an actress and those other things dont matter to me.. so anti-fans betta shut thier holes hee~ actually all anti-fans of the yuhguls should already shut thier traps.. I dont like much Bin but I admire her dancing skills and so what if she got plastic surgery.. dont matter to me... aigoo! its just that am missing Heroine 6 already... in Korea it will have its last episode next sunday!!!! 나 너무 슬쁘겠어!!! I loved H6 too much ㅠ________ㅠ

HaHaHa~ Sweet.

Wanna sleep over?




We’re going to sleep right?

, 잠자거. 건데 무엇?
Why yes, were gonna sleep, so what?



아이으.. 나쁜여나는 빨리 죽겠다, 죽해. 아이으
Such a bad woman, youre killing me quickly, really, aigoo.

내가얼굴 안이...

I’ve never seen that face from you before…

, 귀염네.

How cute.



ep6 DalJas Spring
달자의봄 6희


Is that Yoon Eun Hye???
Oooh~ must be her new look~ ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ


Such a classic~

Yes, I just love this *old* drama of Yonsama and YoungAe-ssi~ I just love thier lines from dramas ^^

Hyeon Jun: 난 네가 필요해, 사랑하니까
I need you you because I love you
너또 많이 네가 필요한담연,
If you need me as much as I need you too
그런데 결혼 절래?
Then, will you marry me again?

[Hyeon Jun proposes again over the radio, the second time around]

Hyeon Jun: 세영아 --
Se Young...

Se Young: 현준씨~ 아직또 네가 필요해?
Hyeon Jun~ Do you still need me too?

EP18 PaPa [96]
파파 18희

이젠 널 인정하려해 Song By Bank
Ijen Neol Injeongharyuhae

[if am not mistaken the english translation would be:
Still Considering Feelings... correct me if i`m wrong ^^]

전에는 혼자였던 날들이 어색하지 않았어
Jeonehnun Honjayeothdun Naldeulee Eosaekhaji Anhasseo
오히려 자유롭게 사는게 훨썬 더 편하다고 생각했어
Oheeryu Jayuromgeh Sanungeh Hweolssun Deon Byunhadago Saengakhaesseo

내 안에 두 사람의 자리가 좁게만 느껴져
Na Anhe Du Saramhwi Jariga Chomgeman Neuggyujyeo

가끔 외로움은 내가 살아 있음을 알게하는
Gakkam Wiroumeun Naega Sarah Itheumeul Algehanun
이유라고 느끼면서 살아왔어...
Iyuurago Neuggimyeonsuh Sarawaesseo...

널 만났지 영화처럼 눈내리던 날
Neol Mannassji Myeonghwachureom Noonnaeridun Nal
맑은 눈만 기억에 남겼던 맨처음 너의 모습
Marheun Noonman Giyeokeh Namgyeoth Maenjeoneum Neoyeh Moseum

난 느꼈어
Nan Neugyeotheo

이젠 널 인정하려해..
Ijen Neol Injeongharyuhae
머뭇거리기엔 늦었어 난 네가 필요해
Meomuthguhrigien Nocheosseo Nan Nega Piryohae
받아들이고 싶진 않지만
Badaduligo Sipjin Anhjiman
이미 너의 자리가 너무 커버린거야
Eemi Neoyeh Jariga Neomu Keobuhringuhya
널 곁에 두려해.. 어쩌겠니..
Neol Kyeotheh Doryuhae... Eojeogessni...

벌써 나의 마음을 모두 가져가 버린
Buhlsseo Nahyeh Maumeul Modu Gajyeoga Buhrin

Show Must Go On!!!

DalJa : 고마워요 선주씨...
Thanks, SunJoo.
선주씨가 내 편을 들어줄거라고는 생갇도 못했는데..
I never thought that you would be standing up for me.

SunJoo : 정신 똑바로 차려!
Wake up to your senses!
오달자씬 오기두 없어?
Oh DalJa, is this all that you’ve got?
왜 그렇게 자기일엔 대책없이 물렁물렁 맹탕이야!
Why don’t you have your own sayings to what you have done?
오달자씨한테 일이란 겨우 이 정도뿐이었어?
Oh DalJa, Is your job not even important to you?
바보같이 앉아 처분만 기다리고? 그러다 짤리면 할수 없고?
You’re just like a fool sitting down waiting for what’s gonna come out of this.
그렇게 쉽게 그만둬도 상관없는거였어, 이일이?
Do you think this kind of job can be given up that easy?
그렇다면 짤려도 싸구!
If it’s like that, then you really deserve to be fired!

DalJa : 선주씨 무슨 말을 그렇게..
SunJoo, how can you say that…?
SunJoo : 나는 당신이 좀 더 프론줄 알았어. 내가 착각한건가?
I thought that you were a pro. Am I wrong?

EP6 DalJa`s Spring
달자의 봄 6희


녹초가 되어~

I`m Tired. Seriously. Hee..

Anywho. Went to Divi yesterday to buy DVD`s. Heehee.

I bought Save the Last Dance for Me and Fireworks.
Why 마지막 춤은 나와 함께??? When in fact I have already seen it before.. LOL. its HaeYoungEe-Ssi~ HaaHaa. Love her.. But in this drama she was kinda too immature, childish in a way and awkward. She really improved in DalJas Spring, thats why she became my fave. Haahaa.

HaaHaa~ !


and I`m taking a big risk~ heehee. I will upload old dramas like PaPa [1996, Bae Yong Jun, Lee Young Ae] and Fireworks[Lee Young Ae, Cha In Pyo] over @ my YouTube account~ I have a directors account btw and now I`m aking a risk.. ya know drama uploaders either get suspended or booted off. hee. YT suxxx. Heehee. I`m doing it coz many peeps wanna see them, yeah.