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DalJa : 고마워요 선주씨...
Thanks, SunJoo.
선주씨가 내 편을 들어줄거라고는 생갇도 못했는데..
I never thought that you would be standing up for me.

SunJoo : 정신 똑바로 차려!
Wake up to your senses!
오달자씬 오기두 없어?
Oh DalJa, is this all that you’ve got?
왜 그렇게 자기일엔 대책없이 물렁물렁 맹탕이야!
Why don’t you have your own sayings to what you have done?
오달자씨한테 일이란 겨우 이 정도뿐이었어?
Oh DalJa, Is your job not even important to you?
바보같이 앉아 처분만 기다리고? 그러다 짤리면 할수 없고?
You’re just like a fool sitting down waiting for what’s gonna come out of this.
그렇게 쉽게 그만둬도 상관없는거였어, 이일이?
Do you think this kind of job can be given up that easy?
그렇다면 짤려도 싸구!
If it’s like that, then you really deserve to be fired!

DalJa : 선주씨 무슨 말을 그렇게..
SunJoo, how can you say that…?
SunJoo : 나는 당신이 좀 더 프론줄 알았어. 내가 착각한건가?
I thought that you were a pro. Am I wrong?

EP6 DalJa`s Spring
달자의 봄 6희

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