Currently in love with:

박해진/ Park Hae Jin

Loved him in: Infamous Chill Sisters and now loving him in the drama; As Much As Heaven and Earth. Geez, he's such a cutie.. I cant help falling~ heehee. But it was in ICS that I loved his character most. He played as Hanam there, who fell in love with Lee Tae Ran`s character~ and it was a Nuna Affair. And if I say Nuna then it means Younger Guy-Older Woman relationship. Heehee. Oh well, I think they were cute ^^ He was really persistent in loving her which made me so touched [despite the age difference] I love it how he looks so serious and then when he smiles I just melt~ he has this kind of charisma that can make you melt, LOL.

이민기 / Lee Min Ki

Loved him in: DalJa`s Spring [geez isnt it obvious by now? haahaa] by the way. Yes, I love him in DJS. TaeBong-ee! Aww, he wa such a cutie. And his character in DJS as TaeBong was very mysterious~ the kinda guy you can't read every feelings and thoughts. The kind you cant decipher the most. And I cant wait to watch I Really Really Like You coz he plays as BongKi there..! Wahh~~ Can`t wait. And I didnt even knew theyre going to air it here in the local channel O_o Also can`t wait to see A Perfect Day for An Affair~ which has him paired up with sexy actress Kim Hye Soo. Another Nuna Affair for him, heehee. I just lvoe love him! And congratulations for him coz he was nominated as Best New Actor in Baeksan Awards! Yay.. its Baeksang! Am rooting for him ^^ and I REALLY REALLY LOVE HIM! lol!

데니스 오 / Dennis O

Loves him in: Witch YooHee, and I finally got around and started watching the drama. Han Ga In rocks the house! I love her already, haha. I thought at first that Dennis and Ga In are gonna be the ones ending up in this drama but I was wrong. Aww. It's just that I loved them in the MV, Only Wind. Haahaa. But I do think they have a great chemistry.. And honestly I havent seen Sweet Spy before [but am planning to] but after seeing one of his CF while watching YTN and saw the making of it at Showbiz Extra before.. he captured my heart. haahaa. And If I were to choose between Dennis and Daniel Henney.. it's gonna be Daniel. LOL. He has more of the sincere looks in him.. and those eyes.. My Gah~ soo seductive. This is the CF am talking about:

and that girl is sooo lucky!!! I was seething with fury watching it~~ haahaa. Omo! AM becoming an anti.. LOL! just kidding..! I just love him, *siigh*

So these are the three hotties that captures my heart these days and makes me smile and drool. Haahaa.

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