HaJiWon VS SongHyeKyo

I loved HwangJinYi, and the performance of it by Ha Ji Won is a-okay to me. Now HwangJinYi the movie is coming soon.. and I think releasing the movie so soon after the drama... is well, kinda not 'it'. So, I can't help now to compare SHK and HJW`s acting. Sorry but SHK isnt really one of my favorite actresses, but I do like her, she's pretty and she can act well. But if I were to choose HJW between.. in terms of acting, It'll be HJW for me.. Or let's just wait for the movie.. Her move here reminds me of Lee Young Ae. When she accepted the role for GeumJa in Sympathy for Lady Vengeance ~ shedding her oxygen-like lady image. Now, Song Hye Kyo shed's her pretty and cute image for this role.. Not to mention I see some "bare" scenes. Yoo Ji Tae is here too, and I loved him. I love him, really. And sidenote; HyeKyo's voice diction is much better than HaJiWon, so that's a plus point for SHK ^^ heehee.
Both are great actresses, so I wanna see if SHK does pretty well.
So, HaJiWon VS SongHyeKyo???

Let`s see ^____^



orangepantss said...

YAY thanks for the trailer.:D Really looking forward to this. ^^

Mauwy said...

no prob, me too, Cant wait actually ^^