김치 치즈 스마일 !

Kimchi Cheeze Smile!

So far, soo good! This sitcom replaced Unstoppable High Kick on MBC, must admit I missed most of the episodes of Highkick but nevertheless I loved it ^^ The ending's good. And Kimchi Cheese Smile, it looks promising for me. The first episode made me laugh, all of the characters starting to grow on me too, from Ahbuji to Omoni to thier sons and especially Eom Kijoon!!!!

The first three episodes started off well for me, all throughout flashbacks from the year 1997 was shown, how Byungjin and Suyeong are lovers but kept it to themselves because of thier family background and afraid that Suyeong's mom wont accept Byungjin since he just works as a swimming coach. Coz SUyeong came from a rich background.. Suyeong is supposed to go to USA but then she cant and came running to Byungjin.

But Byungjin got out of the way and instead ended up in Kijoon`s arms! ㅋㅋ

He took her home and in the morning they found out about her, but Byungjin's omoni would not approve of her.
So so, it was a tug of war between Suyeong:

Suyeong's Omma found out that Suyeong is still in Korea so took her back

Byungjin insisted to be in thier house and when he wont leave Suyeong Omma called the police and they were taken to the police station. Suyeong's Omma insisted that Byungjin be taken to jail... So, a war between Omoni's:
& Suyeong was then kept by her mother to her room so she wont meet Byungjin again but the funny, sometimes childish Suyeong but definitely a cute gal Suyeong found a way to escape... through her barred windows she used a NAILFILE so she can go out.. LOL!

Alas, she had gotten out and went to Byungjin and her mother came again to take her back but Ahbuji came to the rescue and they went to the City Hall to get married! Yes, They got married, legally. ^^

So, that's the love story between Byungjin and Suyeong... But her mom wont let Suyeong live in the Sin Goo Residence so then they moved to Suyeong's house. and 10 years later they now had a daughter~ the ever so cute Wuldo ^^

And of course I wouldnt watch this if Hyeyoung was not in it.. ㅋㅋㅋ She plays as Shin Hyeyoung.. Yes they used thier real names if Am not mistaken in sitcoms [like Nonstop series, Highkick] They use real names ^^

Lee Hyeyoung as Shin Hyeyoung

She plays as a photographer here, helping out her father. Back in 1997 she was dumped by her boyfriend of 8 years and thus she was even called "아슬아슬 노처녀" [the notorious old-maid]. She was down in the dumps and was drinking some beers at their photo studio when Kijoon showed up, she was irked at him at first but then joined her. Please note that I'm watching this raw and unsubbed but what I understood is they made a promise to each other that if after 10 years they're still single maybe the two of them should just hook up.. I dunno that's what I understood am too lazy too look up every word they're saying on the 사전... ㅎㅎㅎ! And to cut this long story short, another love story is maybe unfolding -

So yes, I can sense a NUNA AFFAIR again.. heehee. Of course Kijoon is much younger than her and maybe he and Byungjin has the same age and Hyeyoung is the oldest child of Sin Goo & Kim Euldong and Kijoon even calls her 누나 & 누님 [Meaning older sister for males ㅋㅋ]

onto Eom Kijoon...Loving him already.. he's too cute and funny, I cant believe he is a musical star .. heehee. Not bad for a first time actor and in a sitcom, Cant wait to see much of him in the episodes to come ^^

I also never thought that he was the two-timing guy in Lee Kichan's MV 세 사람!! 정말!!! ㅎㅎ In the flashbacks of the sitcom he was really a bum and he bums on his bestfriend, Byungjin's home~ he's a bum coz he cant even get accepted to the university.. So, back in 1997, he was just a bum fending off the house of the Goo Family, renting a room but can't pay So, Omoni - Kim Euldong was tired and sick of him just lazying around the house so she gave him a choice to go to University or leave.

But 10 years later, he's a TV Announcer already... [much to my surprise!] and of course to Hyeyoung's surprise too:

엄기존입니다 ^^

And of course there's the other hottie am keeping my eyes on.. heehee! His name is Lee Hyeongjin, he plays as Eom Hyeongjin in the sitcom. He plays as Kijoon's younger bro... such a cutie ^^ heehee~

So yes, Am watching 하늘 만큼 땅만큼 a daily family drama and this 김치 치즈 스마일 a daily family sitcom.. love it!!!! ^ ^

김치 치즈 스마일 파이팅!


안재환 - 정선희 커벌 ^^


Sunhee and her boyfriend for 3 months [which he met last year] Actor, Ahn Jae Hwan will be tying the knot this November! I`m happy for her, I just hope this relationship/marriage wont go awry :(

Anyway I hope they will be happy in the future! I love Sunhee~ one of the best female comedians out there :]

행복하세요 ^^



Many thanks to Tiffany I am enjoying as much the drama "Capital Scandal". It's funny, and with sense in a way.

I have just started watching this week and I say I haven't started on its first few episodes So I may have to catch up sooner [Since in the next few weeks it's midterms for me already]

“Romance is Most Powerful Weapon!”

Old Seoul in the 1930s is the scene of bitter fights between the independence fighters and traitors. Also, it is the cultural battle ground of the pre-modern values and modern freedom and love.

Seonu Wan is the city’s biggest playboy. He brags ten minutes are all he needs to get a woman of his choice. Seonu Wan is an elite graduate from Tokyo University in Japan. To break his record, he chooses a woman, not one of those modern girls with modern education and beauties, but a classy lady who sticks to pre-modern, traditional values. His new prey, Na Yeogyeong, is an independence fighter, who is willing to sacrifice her life for the beloved country.

Before he realizes, Seonu Wan’s bet turns into a real deal. His faked love turns in to a true love. His heartaches becomes the aches of the times. His fury against his rival becomes his fury against the colonial Japanese rule. His love for the woman becomes his love for the country. A decadence is transformed into an independence fighter for the country.

The man who experienced the power of love in the old days challenges the people living today.


Seonu Wan
Kang Ji Hwan

He is the most eligible bachelor in Old Seoul. He is not only smart but tall, handsome and fashionable even in today’s standards. His only shortcoming is his insatiable appetite for women. The modern dating is the gift from heaven to him.

He was born wealth and received the best education. However, the country was under the Japanese colonial rule. There was nothing an elite Korean can do to earn a living in the colonized country. So, due to external factors—so to speak—he became a libertine and he doesn’t seem to mind it. Maybe, if he gets lucky, the country might be liberalized within his lifetime. If not, oh well, he’ll live on doing nothing like any other day.

Na Yeogyeong
Han Jimin
She is the one-and-only classy modern woman. As a graduate from the Ewha girls’ school, she has received a modern education. Nevertheless, she holds fast to traditional values. She knows what to say and how to say it right and acts on it. She does not tolerate injustice. She is an avid reader.

To many young men, she has become a sort of coveted prize because she is hard to win over. None has succeeded yet. They say some even had to listen to her lesson for over an hour.
No man is left in Old Seoul who would dare to try to win her heart. Instead, they make fun of her as the last woman in Chosun.

Lee Su-hyeon

Ryu Jin He has been a case of rare success among Koreans in the Japanese colonial government. He is an elite graduate from Tokyo University. He leaves no loose ends untied at work. He is a gentleman with manners as well as good looks. Of course, there are many who envy him and some of them has turned against him and pointed fingers calling him a dog of the Japanese and a traitor.

He seems to be never swayed guised under his poker face.

Cha Song-ju
Han Ko-eun

Her name used to be Cha Yeon-hong. She is a famous courtesan at the Myeongbin House exclusively for the high-class. A femme-fatal armed with brains. Only the richest and most powerful can see her at Myeongbin.

To maintain the peace at home, one shouldn’t go to the House. Not ever! If one can’t meet her, the person shouldn’t feel downhearted. Just turn on the radio and he will hear her beautiful voice singing. Or, go to the train station, she’ll be smiling in the poster. She is the star of the times.


So far, soo good ^^ I`m loving this drama, and especially Songju~ hahaa. Why? let the pictures say it:

And Han Jimin was adorable in 대장금 as 신비 and she's cute and here... well she's still cute.. LOL! but yes she has improved in acting. Again like in DJS, the supporting characters- i like them more. But Kang Jihwan stands out the most, he's way too funny especially in those scenes where he always had 'Jo Mangja' in his mind! haha~ he just dont know that he's falling in love already with her~ sure it's a bet but yeah he's falling! and fast! LOL!

The story for me is like, Wan is the ultimate playboy who falls for the ultimate virgin maiden slash old-fashioned lady and thus nicknamed as Jo Mangja~ Yeogyeong. And I just love/awed by Songju~ not only she's one hecka fashionable gisaeng but also she's a femme fatale [and i like those femmey-fatalish characters] she's not just a gisaeng~ I want her and Suhyeon to hook up already.. heehee!!

And this is the first drama I have seen when Korea was under the japanese rule... the plot is interesting to me, and not only that its not just your typical kdrama~ for me~ must watch ^^


이혜영 - 황금어장 ^^

7월 11일 무릎팍도사 - 이혜영 1부 다시보기

어으그~ 오랫 만에 ^^ It`s been awhile since I last saw her on TV! haahaa. It was a fun tv guesting! As always, love to see her happy, and I cant wait for Kimchi Cheese Smile! Yay!


And I thought boy kissing only existed in:

  • Emo guys
  • Yaoi bishonens
  • Movies
  • TV shows
I never knew kpop stars do it... haahaa! Totally? These are some of Dongbang boys~ I dont think its cute whatsoever. I`m not an anti-dbsk or whatsoever. But dont just tell me its not gay ;) I`m not saying they are gay coz how the heck would I know. I`m just telling what I see, and when I see boy + boy = kissing... no heterosexual guy do it right?

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오랫 만에이요 헤영씨!

Heehee, some news about Hyeyoung eonnie~

  • Her fashion line Missing Dorothy launches a lingerie brand, and thus; the battle of the stars lingerie lines between Hyun Young [Vivacella] and Hwang Shinhye [Elypry] and of course Lee Hyeyoung. But note that in reality these 3 are aqcuainted so, it's just the battle of the lingerie [LOL!]
  • MBC is working on a following sitcom named ‘Kimchi Cheese in replacement of the famous sitcom "High Kick". The sitcom will deal with conflicts and love between in-laws that never seem to get along well with each other. Producer Jeon Jin Soo of ‘Nonstop’ will be directing the new sitcom, and the casts include: 신구, 김을동, 선우은숙, 이혜영, 이병진, 정수영, 유연지, 박유선, 엄기준, 이현진.

It`s eonnie`s sitcom comeback! I can`t wait and no matter what I will watch it ^^ 난~ 행복! 혜영님~ 파이팅! ㅋㅋㅋ


Three Person ~ Lee Ki Chan

Okay~~ I just love the song, not to mention the MV for so long now, but it`s only now that I have got time to blog this.. hee!!! I`m too busy with school so all those drama`s I have been watching had been put to halt! Altho we already finished JUMONG~ due to the watching persisitence of my Omma! I swear she`s addicted to Jumong... keke! Anyway.. onto the song:

I love the song because I can relate so much with the meaning, I can relate to how Kim Sun Ah`s character and being in a love triangle [acck!!] and I know how it feels... Gee! So, here's the lyrics! and the MV which stars also one of my beloved korean actresses Kim Sun Ah~ yep yep she`s not too fat like in Kim Sam Soon, she just put on that weight for the role ^^*


그 사람 때문에
하루종일 속상하다는
너를 온종일 달래고
또 달래다 돌아오는 저녁길
깜깜해진 하늘이 슬퍼
아주 잠깐은 울었는지도 몰라
이제 이만하면 지겨울때도 됐는데
언제나 그 사람을 보는
너를 바라며 사는게
괜한 니앞에 나는 뒤에
항상 앞만보는 우리
너는 모르지 너는 모르지
사랑한다는 말도 할수 없는 날
그리 멀지도 가깝지도 않은 곳에
니가 모르는 사람이 있어

이제 와서
언제나 너의 곁에
좋은 사람중 하나였던 나
기쁜 날에도 아픈 날에도
왜 니가 보고 싶은지
너는 모르지 너는 모르지
사랑한다는 말도 할 수 없는 날
그리 멀지도 가깝지도 않은 곳에
니가 모르는 사람이 있어

세사람이서 할수 없는 일
처음 부터 틀려 버린 이야기
누구 하나도 잘못한거 없는 우린
너를 사랑한 내 잘못이지

너를 사랑한 내 잘못이지


Geu Saram Ddaemoneh
Haru Chongil Soksanghadanun
Neorul Onchongil Dalraego
Ddo Dalraeda Dolahonun Cheonyeokil
Kkamkkamhaejin Haneulee Seulpeo
Aju Chamkkaneun Uleossnunjido Molla
Ije Imanhamyeon Jokyeoulddaedo Dwethnunde
Eonjena Ge Sarameul Bonun
Neorul Baramyeo Sanungeh
Gwaenhan Niappeh Naneun Dwieh
Hangsang Appmanbonun Oori
Neonun Moreuji Neonun Moreuji
Saranghandanun Maldo Halsu Eobsnun Nal
Geri Meoljido Kakkapjido Anheun Gotheh
Niga Moreunun Saramee Isseo

Ijeh Waseo
Eonjena Neoyeh Gyeotheh
Choheun Saramjung Hanayeothdeun Na
Kippeun Nalehdo Appeun Nalehdo
Wae Niga Bogo Sippeunji
Neonun Moreuji Neonn Moreuji
Saranghandanun Maldo Hal Soo Eobsnun Nal
Geuri Meoljido Kakkapjido Anheun Gotheh
Niga Moreunun Saramee Isseo

Seh Sarameesuh Hal Soo Eobsnun Il
Jeoum Budeo Keulryeo Buhrin Eeyagih
Nuga Hanado Chalmothangeo Eobsnun Oorin
Neorul Saranghan Nae Chalmotheeji

Neorul Saranghan Nae Chalmotheeji


Because that person
Goes inside and out all day
So all day long I wait for your return
Come back again, return before evening
When the sky gets dark and sad
Waited for awhile, cried and dont know why
Its too bad now that I`m tired and sick this much
That person you always meet, You wish to live with
It`s useless to show it to me, or even behind my back
Look at us constantly
You cannot tell, You cannot tell
This day, Cant you say I love you
That way I wont mind, is there no way for you to be near
I dont want to know that there's somebody else there

Now it comes
Your shadow always comes by
In the middle the one good person is me
Feeling good for some days, Feeling hurt some days
Why do I even miss you
You dont know, You dont know
This day, Cant you say I love you
That way I wont mind, is there no way for you to be near
I dont want to know that there's somebody else there

Have nothing to say to the third person
Since the beginning this conversation is twisted
Dont know who is the one to blame for us
Your love or my mistake

Your love or my mistake