Rookie vs Pro

:내가 정말 불쾌한건 바로 너 같은 애들이야.
What I really can’t put up with is someone like you.
개념 없고, 목표의식 없이 설렁설렁 대충 외모만 믿고 줄타기 하는 애들!
Without ideas, clueless about things and handling matters so carelessly and who walks on a tightrope only relying on her looks.

Jihee: 선배니, 구말서 목줘. Senior, I think that’s too much to say.

Seonjoo: 왜? 기분 나뻐? Why do you feel bad?

Jihee: 예 기분 제 나뿐내요. Yes, I feel bad now.

Seonjoo: 나뻔 너 설래야. Yes, that’s my point.
너 쇼호스트는 왜 한다구렜는이?
Why do you even want to be a show-host?

Jihee: 그냥, 보좋버일까요. It’s just that, it looks good.

Seonjoo: 쇼호스트라는건 진심이 담기지 않으면 할수 없는 일이라는거 몰라?
Don’t you know that if you’re not sincere with it, you can’t be a show-host?
물건에 대한 자부심과 진심도 없이 제품을 소개하고 판다면,
Without sincerity and confidence in the product,
수천만 고객을 상대로 사기치는거랑 뭐가 달라!
Introducing and selling it is not too different from cheating tens and thousands of customers.
덕바로 설야~ 알어?
Wake up! Okay?


how love starts

Dalja : 어떻게 있어?
How can you tell?

사랑인지 아닌지, 어떡하면 알수 있는거야?
How can you say if it’s love or not, how can you tell?

설레인다 사랑 아니잖아.
Just because your heart beats fast doesn’t mean its love.

보고싶다 사랑 아니잖아.
Just because you miss the person doesn’t mean its love.

누가 그어 놓고자, 여기서부터 사랑시작이다.
There’s no such person who draws a line and says, “This is where love starts”

정해놓은것도 아니고.
It’s not like that.

대체 어떡하면 사랑인지 아닌지 있는거야?
So, how can you say if it’s love or not?

Seonjoo : 사람때문에 가슴이 벅차구 행복해?
Because of that person, does your heart feel unbearably happy?

사람때문에 마음이 아프고 저려?
Because of that person do you feel hurt and weak?

사람때문에 지독하게 외로워지기도 ?
Because of that person, do you feel so alone?

그럼 시작된거야...
Then, it has already started.

달자의봄 11회

Sae Do♡Seon Ju

There's a snowstorm outside, and Saedo and Seonjoo gets stuck at the office. Saedo tries to entertain Seonju... But can she make the ice queen laugh?

Seon Joo : 잼이없다. 티비 나보자.
It's not funny, lets just watch TV.
Saedo : ㅇㅏ ㅇ ㅣㅆ~~

Saedo was furious she found his antic boring and So, they turned to the tube.
But Saedo was surprised when she leaned on his shoulder.

and Saedo commented on how fun it is to be watching the Animal Channel, also teasing about how Sunjoo is the tiger and goes "ROAR!" and he finally made her smile.

달자의봄 7회

the show must go on...

Wake Up, Dalja!

DalJa : 고마워요 선주씨...
Thanks, SunJoo.
선주씨가 내 편을 들어줄거라고는 생갇도 못했는데..
I never thought that you would be standing up for me.

SunJoo : 정신 똑바로 차려!
Wake up to your senses!
오달자씬 오기두 없어?
Oh DalJa, is this all that you’ve got?
왜 그렇게 자기일엔 대책없이 물렁물렁 맹탕이야!
Why don’t you have your own sayings to what you have done?
오달자씨한테 일이란 겨우 이 정도뿐이었어?
Is your job not even important to you?
바보같이 앉아 처분만 기다리고? 그러다 짤리면 할수 없고?
You’re just like a fool sitting down waiting for what’s gonna come out of this.
그렇게 쉽게 그만둬도 상관없는거였어, 이일이?
Do you think this kind of job can be given up that easy?
그렇다면 짤려도 싸구!
If it’s like that, then you really deserve to be fired!

DalJa : 선주씨 무슨 말을 그렇게..
SunJoo, how can you say that…?

SunJoo : 나는 당신이 좀 더 프론줄 알았어. 내가 착각한건가?
I thought that you were a pro. Am I wrong?