Sae Do♡Seon Ju

There's a snowstorm outside, and Saedo and Seonjoo gets stuck at the office. Saedo tries to entertain Seonju... But can she make the ice queen laugh?

Seon Joo : 잼이없다. 티비 나보자.
It's not funny, lets just watch TV.
Saedo : ㅇㅏ ㅇ ㅣㅆ~~

Saedo was furious she found his antic boring and So, they turned to the tube.
But Saedo was surprised when she leaned on his shoulder.

and Saedo commented on how fun it is to be watching the Animal Channel, also teasing about how Sunjoo is the tiger and goes "ROAR!" and he finally made her smile.

달자의봄 7회


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