Rookie vs Pro

:내가 정말 불쾌한건 바로 너 같은 애들이야.
What I really can’t put up with is someone like you.
개념 없고, 목표의식 없이 설렁설렁 대충 외모만 믿고 줄타기 하는 애들!
Without ideas, clueless about things and handling matters so carelessly and who walks on a tightrope only relying on her looks.

Jihee: 선배니, 구말서 목줘. Senior, I think that’s too much to say.

Seonjoo: 왜? 기분 나뻐? Why do you feel bad?

Jihee: 예 기분 제 나뿐내요. Yes, I feel bad now.

Seonjoo: 나뻔 너 설래야. Yes, that’s my point.
너 쇼호스트는 왜 한다구렜는이?
Why do you even want to be a show-host?

Jihee: 그냥, 보좋버일까요. It’s just that, it looks good.

Seonjoo: 쇼호스트라는건 진심이 담기지 않으면 할수 없는 일이라는거 몰라?
Don’t you know that if you’re not sincere with it, you can’t be a show-host?
물건에 대한 자부심과 진심도 없이 제품을 소개하고 판다면,
Without sincerity and confidence in the product,
수천만 고객을 상대로 사기치는거랑 뭐가 달라!
Introducing and selling it is not too different from cheating tens and thousands of customers.
덕바로 설야~ 알어?
Wake up! Okay?



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