I just blogged about Yoo Ji Tae right! So I was on nate the otehr day and so the article about him and his 'supposed' gf [c/o popseoul] So yes, it might be publicity stunt! Do they have to be this desperate for the movie!?! Gahhh..! 난 몰루겠다~ ㅡ. ㅡ;
Anyway, I wish them luck. I love him as an actor, I`m a big fan, and yes I might have this silly crush on him haahaa. But I'll never be mean, I wish them luck ^^



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선주: 내가, 정말 가슴 아픈다 게 뭔지 알아?
Do you know what really hurts me the most?
내 사랑이, 그사람한텐 아무런 가치가 없었다는 거야.
My love… for him that was not important at all.
사랑이 흔들리지 않았다면
If it wasn’t just because I was tired of loving that person,
난 절대 헤어지지 않았어
I wouldn’t have broken up with him.
돈, 이름? 그런거 별로 중요하지 않아
Money, fame, those things are not important.
원래부터 갖고 있었던게 아니라
Because it wasn’t mine even from the start.
그야말로 어쩌다 운이 좋아 생긴것들이니까
Like what everybody always says, I only got them by luck.
하지만 사랑은 아니잖아.
However, Love is not like that.
여자한테 사랑은, 그리고 결혼은,
To women, love and marriage,
어릴 때 부터 소중히 간직한 꿈같은 거잖아.
Are dreams we have had ever since we are young.
나두 여자가 건데, 결혼은 굼같은 없었는데.
I am a woman too, and it’s not like I’ve never dreamed of it too before.

달자의 봄 9휘
와.. 사실은 말 구 했다, 누군데지 위선주이와 해영님이.. 해영님이 난 기대라 안니야. 언님이
설버 하지 말아여.. ㅠㅠ 언님이 늘 행복은 난 기대라여. 언님이 제일 좋아한 여배우 때문에.
그냥~ ㅋㅋ

예쁜 헤영님!

hahaa~ this made my day ^^
finally an update ㅋㅋㅋ

I wonder what she's been up to these days ㅋㅋㅋ

해영이 언니~~ 홧팅!


OST~ Spring Day Goes.

TITLE SONG: 봄날은 간다 by 김유나 [of Jaurim].


눈을 감으면 문득
그리운 날의 기억
아직까지도 마음이 저려오는건

그건 아마 사랑도 피고지는 꽃처럼
아름다워서 슬프기 때문일꺼야

봄날은 가네 무심히도
꽃잎은 지네 바람에
넘을 수 없던 아름다운 사람들

가만히 눈감으면 잡힐것 같은
아련히 마음아픈 추억같은 것들

봄은 또오고 꽃은피고 또지고, 피고
아름다워서 너무나 슬픈 이야기

봄날은 가네 무심히도
꽃잎은 지네 바람에
넘을 수 없던 아름다운 사람들

가만히 눈감으면 잡힐것 같은
아련히 마음아픈 추억같은 것들

눈을 감으면 문득 그리운 날의 기억
아직까지도 마음이 저려오는건

그건 아마 사랑도 피고지는 꽃처럼
아름다워서 슬프기 때문일꺼야


눈을 감으면 문득
그리운 날의 기억

아직까지도 마음이 저려오는건
그건 아마 사랑도 피고지는 꽃처럼

아름다워서 슬프기 때문일꺼야

봄날은 가네 무심히도
꽃잎은 지네 바람에

넘을 수 없던 아름다운 사람들

가만히 눈감으면 잡힐것 같은
아련히 마음아픈 추억같은 것들

봄은 또오고 꽃은피고 또지고, 피고
아름다워서 너무나 슬픈 이야기

봄날은 가네 무심히도
꽃잎은 지네 바람에

넘을 수 없던 아름다운 사람들

가만히 눈감으면 잡힐것 같은
아련히 마음아픈 추억같은 것들

눈을 감으면 문득 그리운 날의 기억
아직까지도 마음이 저려오는건

그건 아마 사랑도 피고지는 꽃처럼
아름다워서 슬프기 때문일꺼야


Romanization [by me]

bom nal eun gan da

nuneul gamumyeon mundeul
guriun nalwi giyeok

ajikkajido maumi jeoryeo onungon
geukeon ama sarangdo b'igojineun kkochjeoreom

areumdaweo seulp'euji ttaemunilkkeoya

bomnaleun gane moosibhido
kkochip' jine barame

neomeul soo eobseodeon areumdaun sarangeul

gamanhi noongabeumyeon jibhilkyeosseo gatteul
aryeonhi maumab'eun jooeokgatteul geoseul

bomeun kkougo kkocheulp'ogo kkojigo p'igo
areumdawojeo nuhmoona seulp'eul iyagi

bomnaleun gane musibhido
kkochip'eul jine barame

neomeul soo eobsuhdeon arumdaun sarangeul

gamanhi nungabumyeon sibhilgeoseo gitteun
aryeonhi maeumappeun joeongatteun geoseodeul

nooneul kabumyeon moondeuk geurioon nalhwi gieok
ajikkajido maumi seoryeonungeon

gokeon ama sarangdo b'ikojinun kkocheojoreom
arumdaweoji seulp'euji ttaemunilkkoya

roo roo roo roo - roo hoo roo

English: [many thanks & credits to: momo of lya.net]

when I close my eyes, memories of old days
still numbs my heart
that's probably because we people are beautiful
like the blooming and wilting flowers, and just as sad, maybe
beautiful people who could not stay
if I quietly close my eyes, it seems I can catch
those obscurely painful pieces of memory

spring comes again, flowers bloom, wilt and again bloom
a story that's so beautiful that it's sad

봄날은 간다.

은수: 우리 헤어지자
lets break up

상우: ...내가 잘할게
Am I not good to you?




은수: 헤어져
lets break up.

상우: 너 나 사랑하니?
Dont you love me?
어떻게 사랑이 변하니?
How can your love change?


A scene from my ever favorite movie~ Spring Day Goes.

&Here's my review for it from last year, taken from my other blog.

Love is like a flame. First it starts as a spark, then it will flame up and heat up. But after the fire dies out, all that is left is ashes, ashes that's better to bury and thro w than to let you be reminded of the love which you once been passionate about. Nothing lasts forever, sad but true. Lovers comes and goes, even if two married couples lasts until theyre old and gray, eventually either one will die first. There's really no such thing as happy ending.

That is the message Director Hur Jin-Ho wants the audience of his movie, One Fine Spring Day to give that is loosely based on reality. The story is about Eun-Su (Lee Young Ae), a radio producer who works for her own radio program, was just recovering after a failed marriage and is living alone. Sang-woo (Yoo Ji-Dae) on the other hand was a sound engineer who works for tv, dubbing cartoons. He and Eun Su has to work together for Eun Su's recent theme for her radio program which is nature. They met and embarked on the project together and thier first recording was in a bamboo grove, recording the sounds of the swishing of the bamboo tree's on a windy, spring day. They shared a silent moment together, appreciating the nature and the beautiful sound it's giving, and little did they know, sound will be the one who will draw them together. It was obvious after thier first meeting that they were attracted to each other. It was clearly portrayed when Eun Su called Sang Woo the night after and they talked a little. After hanging up, Sang Woo was smiling to himself and was even gushing like a high school boy in love. One time, Eun Su invited Sang Woo to eat at her house, she even asked him to stay for the night, and morning came, he went by her side, and the rest as they say is history..

The movie was slow-paced and lacked dialogues, but then Director Hur Jin-Ho used sounds and nature to his movie to accentuate more of the story. Scenes included Eun Su and Sang Woo recording the water from a running stream, the waves from a rising and falling sea side, and the sounds of the snow falling on a cold night. The Director also focused on how the love will end and how it ended when most of romantic films focus on how the love grows and develops. At first, Eun Su and Sang Woo's relationship looked promising, they looked like lovers who will end up together but personality indifferences slowly tore them apart. Thier break up doesnt even have a clear meaning, like you'd ask yourself why did they break up? No arguments and accusations, just two people letting go and breaking up. Well, in reality breaking up sometimes doesnt have to have explanations and reasons, sometimes two people who love each other just realized the feelings have died out. Director Hur Jin-Ho was really great depicting thier love and how thier love ended. Sometimes, words wasnt needed to be spoken, because a single touch, stare, and look means a thousand words. Also, the sound effects, the scenery, and the characters will make you remember of one of your love lost and relive it once again. Lastly, this movie will also make you realize that guys are humans too, devoid of emotions, especially heartbreak, pain and sadness. One Fine Spring Day is a real tearjerker but captures you and will leave you wondering and asking, "What might have been if...".

[And its been a year since I did a decent movie review ^^]



*photos from the drama presscon
남진 오빠 is looking good these days ^^ㅋㅋㅋ love him with the glasses heehee. Am looking forward to his upcoming MBC drama 신현모양처 [New Wise Mother, Good Wife] Yay for his new drama ^^ Am looking forward for it.

I loved him eversince First Love of a Royal Prince. And for the fact that I think he's a hottie... heehee..

wow, almost all of 해영 언니의 연예인 친구들 has new projects, like 민희 who has a new movie soon and 정화 has a new drama soon too.. and now 남진. LOL~ 영이 언니.. 새로운 드라마를 주세여~ ㅎㅎㅎ
photos courtesy of naver, nate and mydaily


천국의 계단

Stairway to Heaven... the third time around.. ^^ Seriously, I`m having the 최지우 overload these days.. with Air City and now Stairway to Heaven.. haahaa. I loved this drama, and I guess am a sucker for tragic and weepy stuffs. I dont know why most people find it cheesy but to me crying over a drama or a movie is not bad at all, I mean, its refreshing to me, the release of emotions, I like it very much. I guess I am an oover-sentimental person.. Anyway, I really loved this drama [amid the crying and tragedy over the two characters] I will always drool and feast my eyes out for 권상우 and Jiwoo will always be on my top actress` list. I remember back in my senior high~ when this drama is currently airing here in my country, almost all of my classmates knew of my k-drama addiction and they all well know that I liked the drama, so there was this one classmate of mine, we would play as Jodi and Cholo [that was the dubbed names of Songju and Jongsuh] and I would also have this glasses to complete the look of Jongsuh~ haahaa and instead of Cholo I`d call him Choco and he would piggyback me on his back, LOL! I was totally crazed I guess~ But beyond the fun I cried so much while watching this, and I never cried soooo much in a drama since. I cried when for Jongsuh so much, I cried for Songju and his never-ending love, I cried for Taehwa and his undying martyr love and how he even gave his life.. just for nothing.. I seethed in Fury for Yuri played by 김태희 and everytime she has that bulging eyes-mad look I always loved to poke her eyes out! haahaa. The girl could be such a mean witch spelled with a B. I hope she plays more villainy roles, I wasnt too keen on Gumiho altho I liked it and seriously the girl has the talent but I would love to see more of her *mean* side as opposed to her sweet and demure looks. 신현준 is really a great actor, a veteran, and a versatile. He's not that too good-looking but his acting makes me love him so. He loved Jongsuh so much and I kinda hated him for that but I loved him becoz he was willing to give his life over his beloved and what a great portrayal he did, he made me weep my eyes out. And of course Sangwoo~ I never saw a guy cry and can still be goodlooking, not to mention hot. The guy can cry buckets! That mustve been hard! and of course Jiwoo~ the melodrama princess of Korea, currently loving her in Aircity. She'll always be the melodrama queen to me but I dont want to see her cry no more.. heehee..! Tiffany is so right, Jiwoo is much more matured in her recent drama, and I`m loving it. I mean I`ll always love her and support her works no matter what, so whatever, even if she's dubbed as a too much of a wailer that's ok ^^

Back to this drama, I liked the chemistry between Sangwoo and Jiwoo, and as Jungsuh and Songju altho Taehwa was nice too. I wouldnt forget that scene where Jungsuh was being beaten up by other vendors so he went to cover his body for him instead... really If i can have a guy like Taehwa.. it would be bliss ^^ If i have to choose between him and Songju, my ideal man would be more of Taehwa.. I mean he's willing to do anything jut forhis love! You can say he is a fool for love and a martyr but he loved her soo much that he gave is life for her :(

This isnt the kind of drama that Alls well, Ends well. No. But thats the true essence of tragic korean dramas, they make it that way to be unforgettable. And to make oyou think of what might have been. Yep, am a real sucker for this kind of tragic dramas, coz you know I love those tragic k-ballad MV`s too.. I`m a big fan of sappy films and dramas and I found more in kdramas.. yay! I just love crying my heart out I must be beyond normal.. heehee... for me, there is beauty in tragedy ^^

And life after all is tragic [sometimes] ^^

and on a happier sidenote;
I finally got my own 한국 싸이월드...!

ㅎㅎㅎㅎ 난 너무 행복해~ 진짜! ㅋㅋㅋ


정선희 서니 사이드~

Sunhee wearing an MD t-shirt~ ^^

영 이 씨 와 선 희~!!!
Sunny Side~! I hope she comes out as a guest... 만 세!

셀 카~

헤영님희 싸이월드에서


Welcome to Air City!


Lee Jung Jae | Character: Kim Ji Sung (33)
Government official, in charge of Incheon Airport personnel.
The airport is his "frontier"

Originally possessing a passionate and sentimental personality, because of his profession, he cannot leave tension and pressure aside even for a moment.
As a government official, he takes care of all matters related to preserving the peace within the airport: He handles issues involving terror, industrial espionage, hijacking airplanes, hostage situations, narcotics, North Korean defectors in disguise, medical quarantines, smuggling intelligence for domestic crime syndicates, forged passports, cyber-terror.

With keen powers of observation and judgment, he acts quickly to ensure no trouble arises. He isn't the type to compromise the system and logic of things merely believing that justice will be followed. In order to achieve his aim, he'll do everything in his power, even disobeying orders, so he's always running into problems, big and small.

Because he couldn't handle a painful farewell, he volunteered to go to the Middle East as a "black-suited" agent. Exercising harsh discipline participating in turbulent and dangerous missions, he wanted to forget everything. However, upon returning to his home country after three years, he's thrown into chaos when he re-encounters his old love.

Though he can't help but conflict with the airport employees for his work's sake, as his innately warm, bright disposition begins to come out, they become a family.

Although he clashes sharply with the Operations Headquarters Chief Han Do Kyung, as they experience danger together, they build up a strong trust and confidence between them. Seeing such a steadfast and strong woman faced with confusion because of a younger sibling, he finds himself moved with compassion... But even as their attachment and familiarity grows, that woman cannot sense his love for her even in her dreams.

Choi Ji Woo | Character: Han Do Kyung (31)
Incheon Airport Operations Headquarters Section Chief
The airport is her "haven"/"refuge"

Has authority over the administration of airport operations. A beautiful professional, she speaks five languages; her judgments are cool-headed, decisive.
On the outside, it looks like she wouldn't even bleed one drop if you pricked her, but her heart is unexpectedly generous and deep. However, when she's alone, she's assailed with pity and loneliness. She bears a deep hurt from her youth.

With her elegant appearance and rational manner, she gives off the slight impression of being a veteran at romance. In truth, she's had several romances in the past. The problem is, she's never experienced a love to cause her pain, or make her act foolish. She thinks those passionate romances in movies or novels are simply fiction, and sees her friends' or colleagues' experiences as mere exaggeration or silly attachments.

However, one man begins to stir up unfamiliar emotions in her. Although she serves in an airport overflowing with meetings and farewells, she finds the idea of meeting and parting frightening, and thus fears genuine communication with other people, and has built up a wall around her... but because of unrequited love for one man, everything is shaken. Of all the people in the world, it's a man she works with, and still more dangerous, he's a government agent. Encountering love and farewell with Ji Sung, she learns how to love herself, and communicate with the world.

As two women working in the airport, she feels a sense of solidarity with the airport hospital doctor Myung Woo, and builds up confidence with her. However, learning that she was Ji Sung's old love throws her into confusion. Even with this complication between friendship and love, they come to treat one another with respect and sincerity.

Lee Jin Wook | Character: Kang Ha Joon (31)
Airport Administration Team Manager
Airport is his "battle turf"

Quick-tempered with a habit of talking aggressively, he's a passionate and deep-hearted man. At the airport, he watches over the several thousand closed-circuit security televisions, managing all incidents that arise.

Running up and down endlessly between the land and air sides, like a bulldozer he works to resolve all complications and problems. Because of the nature of his work, his personality is hardly pleasant. Although day after day is met with constant stress, still, he enjoys his work.

He becomes a firm source of refuge for Do Kyung. But, his feelings for Do Kyung become more and more complicated. As workplace superior and childhood friend, and also an unrequited love, he doesn't know how his relationship with this one woman became so complicated.

Moon Jung Hee | Character: Seo Myung Woo (31)
Airport Hospital Doctor.
Ji Sung's former girlfriend.

A general medical examiner at the airport hospital, she also performs exams on emergency patient cases in airplanes during flight, as well as quarantine inspections. Without participating in the warzone-like emergency rooms, she's become a determined veteran in the art of medicine. When she takes off her doctor's gown, she exudes a soft, feminine appeal.

In her days as an emergency room intern, during her most difficult times she met a patient, Ji Sung, and the two passionately fell in love, but they ended up separating. Upon finding out that Ji Sung has returned to Korea, she leaves the university hospital she was working at and volunteers to work at the airport emergency facility. She acts coolly to Ji Sung after their three-year separation, but her feelings of love return to her vividly.

Although she wants to restore their love again, they've come too far. Also, he now has a young, intelligent, woman next to him, a woman who doesn't tremble in fear like herself. Han Do Kyung stands by his side.

She finds herself mixed up in both her friendship and jealousy with Do Kyung.

Kim Jun Ho | Character: No Tae Man
Mayor of Incheon International Airport Administration -
Headquarters Environment Improvement Team.

He, aiming at world's best cleanliness Airport, sets atmospheres of the drama which seems to become comparatively heavy to lighter and it is the general person who comes to keep the balance.


The first episode just rocks~! heehee. The setting is just classy and not to mention this drama must have been 'pricey' and both 재중이 & 지우언니 are already big names to the industry so thumbs up for thier acting~ for me both are already pro players in the game of acting, especially Joongee~ I loved him, especially in his movies Typhoon, Last Present and altho Il Mare was not a personal favorite I still has praises for his acting. The drama has many action scenes and its cutting edge and exciting and at first I was not really sure if the JJ & JW tandem will work but after the first episode am really rooting and cannot wait for these two to hook up, I mean 지승와 도경... so 명우 is his ex 남여~ but this is now and I will be crazy if 지승 and 도경 wouldnt end up together in the end... ㅋㅋㅋㅋ and I remembered 민희~ coz 재중 and 민희 were together for three years and yes they broke up last January and then I dont know if 지우 & 민희 are really close but I`m sure the two must be acquainted because of 해영이~ I remember seeing her 결혼 사진 and both girls are there.. oh well, its too bad they separated but I hope the two find happiness still :(

Anyway I can already feel the chemistry between the two lead~ Jisung and Dokyung and I dont want him to get back with his ex~ blahhh. The plot is really interesting, not to mention the love story parts. I cant wait what will happen next~!

Anyway, just feel bad that there's still dramas that I dont have time to finish but its just hard when none of your favorite star is in the drama~ I mean its hard to watch when your fave star isnt in the drama, and Air City has both my fave stars so am ecstatic.. heehee. Am not sure if I will have to continue 유희 coz many are saying it sucked~ and I missed most of the EPS of 마왕 on KBS world its kinda hard to follow it :(

Oh well, Air City looks really promising and am so looking forward to more ^^

재중오빠, 지우히메~ 힘내세여~!!
에어시티~ 파이팅!!!

many thanks to javabeans for the character descriptions



Guess who these hotties are~

The first pic is 김동희 and the second is~ 전태수. I believe beautiful/good looking genes run in the family~ ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
And I must say that these two guys are lookin` fine... 헤 헤 헤~ Well, they should be, thier older sisters or 누나의 are goodlooking people, especially Donghee~! So yes, 동희 is 김혜수이 남 동생 & 태수 is 하지원의 남동생 두.

I like 혜수님~ she's one of my fave actresses too. I think she's great! especially in 다짜~ Well, just look and she has awards already, heehee. 지원 is also a favorite of mine, she'll always be the 황진이 to me~~ heehee... both are great actresses I can say.. and If am not mistaken thier sibs are entering entertainment world too, well goodluck to both, I just hope thier image wont be over-shadowed by thier sisters~ if they have the talent too, then good for them.

Sweet~ I love this pic, it seems theyre really close~ awww!
혜수언님과 동희
An old pic of 지원언님 과 태수~!

images courtesy of daum~



넘 ㅇ ㅖ 쁘 ㅇ ㅕ
혜 영 님 이~ 패 션 아 이 콘~


오늘은 내 생일 때몬에


생일추가해여~ 오빠~ ㅎㅎㅎㅎ





I was sooo right after all~ ^^

Actress turned singer Uhm Jung-hwa is set to return to the TV screen in August after three years of absence, to play the title role of an old maid in a romantic comedy to be produced by SBS.

In the drama, provisionally titled "Butcher Oh Soo-jeong", Uhm will transform into a 34-year-old woman who is willing to take any risk to capture the mind of her former admirer.

The story unfolds with Goh Man-soo, who used to be a poor nerdy guy following around prom queen Oh in the past, reappearing before her as professional golfer.

The drama is expected to convey the psychology of a woman, who pursues passionate love but cannot help but be calculating when it comes to marriage.

news provided by koreaherald.co.kr

정화 언니의 셀카~

All In Vain ~ 동방신기 [에어시티 OST]

All In Vain - DBSK [Air City OST]

From a presscon ^^



Yay for 지우언니 & 재중 오빠!!! I really cant wait for this drama~ it starts this week!!! HeeHee~
And good for 언니 지 메~ a role that doesnt require her to weep her eyes out.. yes she'll always be the Melodrama Queen~ but then 울지마세여~ 언니!!! Heehee~~ and 오빠 looking snazzy in the drama! woot ^^

Anyway, I would post the lyrics for the song but timecheck: 4.50 am! I am in dire need of sleep!

~~Random updates!
Finally I got to sign up in the korean 싸이월드! 만쎄!! Just waiting for them to approve my acct!
Still not uploading vids @vimeo ㅠㅅㅠ sorry! guess im too @*&$#^* over the incident at youtube :X
일 추카! 마위~ 추카 to ME! [05.16]

나 는~ 잠해겠어~ ^^


Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

신세도 : 이제 이런 제자리걸음 그만합시다.
Let’s just stop fooling around anymore
이렇게 노는거 재미없어.
Continuing this is not fun.
난 예전에 당신이 무슨 상처를 어떻게 입었는지 잘 몰라요.
I don’t know the pain you had before in the past.
하지만 난 선주씨 전 남편도 아니고. 선주씨가 지금까지 만났던 남자들하곤 달라.
However, I’m not your ex-husband. And I’m different from other men, just so you know.
나는 나. 신세도라구요.알겠어요?
I am me. Shin Sedo. Do you get understand?

위선주 : 내가 만났던 모든 남자들이 시작할때마다
Of all the men I have been with before
단 한사람도 빼놓지 않고 하는 말이 있어.
Every one of them said the same in the beginning.
" 난 다른남자랑 다르다"
“I am different from other men”
그리고 끝날때마다 단 한사람도 빼놓지 않고 하는 말이 있지.
And also, in the end, they all said the same thing too.
"미안하다.나 역시 남자였다."
“I’m sorry, I’m just a man”
신세도씨. 당신도 남자야.별수없어.
Shin Sedo. You’re just a man. You won’t be any different.

달자의 봄 8희


혜 영 씨~~ 이쁘다!



최지우 in 무한도전!

영애 언니 was recently in the MBC variety show 무한도전~ which was a nice ep btw! and now a surprise appearance of 지 우 언니!!! 만세!!!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

and now I cannot wait for the new ep~ so I can see 지우 언니! This should be more fun, since she`s much more fun, haahaa!!! Not that 영애 언니 aint fun, she's much more reserved~ and poised. And 지우 언니~ you have to see her laugh out loud! crayzee!!! That one interview from 연리지 and she laughed so hard she was tooo cute. haahaa. I cant wait for 에어시티!!! 지우이~ 재중이!!! yay!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

pix credit to daum.net


윤태영 결혼에서

This is old news, from February.... & I just love watching 영이 언니~!

이혜영 "축의금으로 선물사줄꺼에요"

이혜영 "돈많으니까 축의금 안 받겠죠"

ㅎ ㅔ 영 ㅇ ㅣ 언니~ 행 복 가 세 요~ ㅃ ㅏ ㅆ ㅑ ♥♥♥



This is 윤은헤~ NOW!

New hairstyle for her upcoming drama, "Coffee Prince". Now that's a sign of a good actress, I think. Changing one`s image just for a drama/movie role.*applause* goodluck to her upcoming MBC 드라마 "커피프린스 1호점"

Happy Ending... but a rushed one?

So yes~ 마녀 유희 finally wrapped up but am still stuck at EP5!!! too bad the ratings for this drama havent faired well... Oh well, I have so many watching up to do! Anyway, 무령 and 유희 seemed to have thier 하피 엔딩~ and what a sweet

photos credit to naver.com

what a *$@%&$* day!

So I was gonna access youtube and then here's what welcomed me:

All I can say is... ^*%^*&^#^@$ Youtube and YA = you ass...! Excuse my french but am really pissed. 70% of the videos in my YT account is MV`s I made myself and just CF`s and then that Jumong MV was the last straw...! 아이씨~~ and then I found out that Jumong is already licensed by YA Entertainment.. I never knew!!!! Heck I never knew~! I swearto God I never knew Jumong was already licensed~!

Hell no I would be having a new account on Youtube.. theyre just suckaz fo money. Argggh. Yesterday my internet connection was down and then this greets me??? . Yesterday my internet connection was down and then this greets me?!?!?!? Me so mad~~진짜~

It sucks coz almost all of the korean mv`s / kdrama/movie mv`s are already there~!!!

Anyway all videos by SHOMIN in Youtube will no longer be available. I will be moving to vimeo.com or better yet to a korean flash-video hosted site..!


추억 기억♥

현영 소연 해영 혜련 ~ 여걸쫑 파티

사진이 해영이님 싸이월드에서♥


정말 ~ ㄴㅓ 무 보고싶 ㅇ ㅓ ㅅ ㅓ
난 설 ㅍ ㅓ 있 ㅇ ㅓ

울지마요 - 박상민

I know, I know this might be an old *song* already but I still love it. I even love its tragic MV. Really.. I love tragic and sad MVs. Sure it makes me cry and all and sad, yet there is beauty in tragedy... haahaa... 난 미친지 ~ 하하하.

박상민~ his vocals in the song is so powerful and you can hear also the vocals of 백지영 in the chorus and I must say thier voices are pretty balanced out. That's why I think this is such a darned beautiful, sad ballad. Its so sad yet so powerful and I just love the voice of 박상민. Such a strong and pwoerful voice he has... and I dont know the deal about him and his *eyes* coz honestly I just got introduced to his music last year coz when he was at 여걸 식스 they asked him to remove his dark glasses/shades but he didnt... I dunno.. Anyway onto the MV.

박상민(Park Sang min)
울지 마요(Please, Don't Cry)

Korean Lyrics:

울지말아요 슬퍼말아요
가슴아파하지도 말아요
돌아서서 눈물을 흘릴지라도
그대 내앞에선 울지 말아요

정말나를 떠나가나요

그대홀로 갈수 있나요
조금만더 조금만 더 그대
붙잡아 둘수는 없겠죠
이제 다신 볼 수 없겠죠
그대 그리워서 어쩌나
사랑해요 사랑해요 그대
나를 두고 떠나가나요

가슴아퍼하지도 말아요
돌아서서 눈물을 흘릴지라도
그대 내앞에선 울지 말아요

미안해요 아프게해서
사랑한단말 안할께요

바보라서 너밖에 모르나봐
우린 여기까진가봐요
이젠 다신 볼수 없겠죠
그대 그리워서 어쩌나
사랑해요 사랑해요 그대
나를 두고 떠나가나요

가슴아퍼하지도 말아요
돌아서서 눈물을 흘릴지라도
그대 내앞에선 울지 말아요

Romanized & Translation
(by: Me, @least credit/thank me if you take it ㅡ_ㅡ;)

Uljimarayo Seulppeumarayo
Gaseumappahajido Marayo
Torahseoseo Nunmooleul Heulreoljirado
Gudae Nae Apeseon Ulji Marayo

Cheongmal Nareul Ddeonaganayo

Gudae Heulro Galsoo Ithnayo
Chogum Mandeo Chogumman Deo Gudae
Batchaba Dulssonun Eobsgethjyo
Ijeh Dashin Bol Soo Eobsgethjyo
Gudae Guriweoseo Eojjeona
Saranghaeyo Saranghaeyo Gudae
Nareul Doogo Ddeonaganayo

Uljimarayo (Uljima)
Seulppeomarayo (Seulppeuma)
Gaseum Apeohajido Marayo
Toraseoseo Nunmooleul Heulriljirado
Gudae Nae Apeseon Ulji Marayo

Mianhaeyo Appeugehaeseo
Saranghandanmal Anhalgeyo

Baboraseo Neobakkeh Moreunabwa
Oorin Yeogi Kkajingabwayo
Ijen Dashin Bolsu Eobsgethjyo
Gudae Guhrinweoseo Eojjeona
Saranghaeyo Saranghaeyo Geudae
Nareul Doogo Ddeonaganayo

Uljimarayo (Uljima)
Seulppeomarayo (Seulppeuma)
Gaseum Apeohajido Marayo
Toraseoseo Nunmooleul Heulriljirado
Gudae Nae Apeseon Ulji Marayo


Please dont cry, please dont be sad
Dont feel so hurt, please dont
Your eyes are shedding tears, turn around
In front of me, please dont cry

I really have to leave

I have to go alone
Meet you some more, to meet you a little more
I couldnt hold on to both your hands
Now that youre going out of sight again
So how can this be
I love you, its you i love
It hurts us both that I'm leaving

Please dont cry, please dont be sad (dont cry)
Dont feel so hurt, please dont (dont be sad)
Your eyes are shedding tears, turn around
In front of me, please dont cry

I'm sorry, that I hurt you
Its not that i dont love you
Look and dont make a fool out of yourself
Look at this and what we have become
So how can this be
I love you, its you i love
It hurts us both that I'm leaving

Please dont cry, please dont be sad (dont cry)
Dont feel so hurt, please dont (dont be sad)
Your eyes are shedding tears, turn around
In front of me, please dont cry


what i hate most...

Is when i`m downloading off from megaupload and then it just hangs or freezes... I mean its already like downloaded 30% of the 100+% mb~~! 아으우~ 진짜! As a kdrama obssessed fan, I dont watch most of dramas online because, yes I might have that attention-deficit disorder blahness.. so yep I DL them and now speaking of that I have to watch the older eps of 마녀 유희, 헬로 애기씨, 히트 and 마왕~ coz its just taking up disk space! gahhh.. so yeah. I was downloading an ep of 여걸 from 2005 because 엠씨 몽 is a guest and I swear~ I just love 엠씨몽... 하하하..! So yeah. Back to my rant. When you then cancel your download, and then reDL the file it says DOWNLOAD EXCEEDED...! 아이씨~! So i found out a solution since I am registered at MU but I am not a premium user, so yes, this is what you can do too ;)

Go to your control panel and click the clear history tab, the delete cookies tab and also the delete temporary internet files tab.. and voila! click the DL tab at MU and no more download limit exceeded because MU detected your i.p address... hah! then you can rest peacefully... heehee. Problem solved right?

Still. I am not that off the rant. I mean I hate stealing. especially net-stealing, plagiarism and stuff. I mean I`m not a selfish person, I am willing to share infos and stuffs that someone might want or need as long as I know or as long as I have what you are looking for then why would I not share it. Really. If you snip some things here then its fine as long as you credit me and not entirely use it as your own. When I post about something that I snipped off from a blog or website its just proper that I credit whoever or wherever I took it. So yes please, no stealing especially of ideas??? Its just not right ㅜㅅㅜ;

or I might write here from now in a different language some might not understand. like this~

진짜~~ 야 퍼하지마라구. 퍼가는 그만해!
무든 이것에 완전히은 내 생각의고 내 쓰기의고
그리고 나 는 이기적 사람이 안돼
그래서 너 도둑이 사람이 그만해

표절이 너 몰라? 그래서 너 바보라구
너는 나의 아이디어를 무단으로 차용해있다난
그 미워해있어

너 생각겠의야 혼자구.

이 화내다... 정말 !!!ㅇ ㅏ ㅇ ㅣ ㅆ ㅣ~~~ 아이여.
마위야 - 마음을 가라앉히다. ^^

forgive my french... ㅡ_____ㅡ;;


이 사진을 미소지었다..

신애라씨와 딸. 와~ 넘 귀엽이여~!

오래 만네~♥

와~ It's been awhile! I was busy rewatching lotsa 여걸식스 stuffs.. heehee! And I cant believe I just translated an episode @_@ I wanted to hardsub the EP from 04.22.07 of 여걸식스 but my file is in LQ ㅠ.ㅠ

Anywho... I was sick this past few days!!! But we went to the beach this past weekend. When we came back I aint feeling to well :( but after this makes me much better now ^^

엄정화 언니!
Anyway... have i read it right?!?! that she's having a comeback drama after three years!??! [Tropical Nights in December] omomo~ if that is true then I am truly happy!!! She is like one of my fave actress too, haahaa. I just loved her on her movies For Horowitz, and Seducing Mr. Robin.. but it was in the movie Princess Aurora that I became such a fan, heehee!!! Its just that I`m so in awe with those *heroine* type of characters/movies in dramas, I like them a lot, its like I look up to them alot *evil* or not, haahaa...!!! And was I over the moon when I first found that 정화 언니 & 혜영언니 are friends too!!! It's like, all my favorite actresses/actors are connected to each other... LOL.. Hmm, well my ultimate favorite actor is 우성, you know 정 우성and then 이정재 and the two is like bestfriends/buddies for so long now, and then~~ i'll just continue next time! harhar...!! and it seems that 해영 언니 and 정재 오빠 are friends too, in fact she was in his fashion brand opening "D` Urban" back in february... makes sense since 민희 and 해영이~ are friends too, and Mini and 정재 oppa used to be together, they dated for three years, and they just broke up last January this year ㅠ.ㅠ Sad.. I was really rooting for them~ Anyway! 민희, 헤영 & 정화 are friends because they have the same friends, you know like same crew. Heehee. They also *i think* have the same makeup artist,~ 이경민님~ same hairstylist, same friends in the fashion industry.

But I suck at being her fan~ I just knew last year that she ws a singer... aigoo! stupid me.. caught her on MKMF Music Festival last year. Hee, I dont care if she doesnt have that good *voice* for me, she'll always be the queen of kpop~ heeheehee.. truly! Her comeback album didnt do much last year but its okay~! And I really hope she'd have this drama [: and I didnt knew she already came back in Korea.. I knew she was in New York. Heehee. And about last year~ when *netizens* condemned her for wearing that skimpy outfit... All I can say is... wake up! its the 2oth century... its not like total exposure... I believe if you have it, flaunt it. Geez... we just have to be open-minded, but not in an indecent way.

And yeah, if 해영 언니 has 미싱도로시, 정화 언니 has 라퍼 탱

& yes... this is what i get on too much stalking on star`s 싸이월드...!!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ