All In Vain ~ 동방신기 [에어시티 OST]

All In Vain - DBSK [Air City OST]

From a presscon ^^



Yay for 지우언니 & 재중 오빠!!! I really cant wait for this drama~ it starts this week!!! HeeHee~
And good for 언니 지 메~ a role that doesnt require her to weep her eyes out.. yes she'll always be the Melodrama Queen~ but then 울지마세여~ 언니!!! Heehee~~ and 오빠 looking snazzy in the drama! woot ^^

Anyway, I would post the lyrics for the song but timecheck: 4.50 am! I am in dire need of sleep!

~~Random updates!
Finally I got to sign up in the korean 싸이월드! 만쎄!! Just waiting for them to approve my acct!
Still not uploading vids @vimeo ㅠㅅㅠ sorry! guess im too @*&$#^* over the incident at youtube :X
일 추카! 마위~ 추카 to ME! [05.16]

나 는~ 잠해겠어~ ^^


beenalee said...

i also signed up at cyworld but it's really complicated for a non-korean. they would need a pic of your passport and stuff. that's why i stopped. T T

i would be glad to host your blog. you don't really need to be good in FTP if you're going to use Wordpress (a blogging software).

Mawee said...

I know~~ got me two hours just signing up!!! >.< I mailed them my voters i.d, so am just waiting if i get accepted @_@

yay~ youre gonna host me? ^___^