Hi 5 or High 5... 뭘라!

So... no Heroine6 season 2!!!

New Information about the new season:

-The PD has confirmed that the new season will not be based on the "school" background where male guests were invited and were paired with the heroines. Instead, the heroines will be experiencing different kinds of jobs and most of the episodes will be based outside of the studio in different locations. He also stated that this new concept will not include male guest stars, and that it will be mostly about the heroines and the heroines only. He stated that this new segment will be much like "mbc's moo han do jun (무한도전)" except with female hosts.

by trueamourx of H6, soompi

and I say... 뭐야?!?! 안돼겠다...! 없어!!! I love the Catch the mouse game and even the Noraebang game.. and now its a whole new concept??? and very similar to Muhandojeon/Infinity Challenge... Its fine to me if its the old heroines, and its not that I *hate* Park Kyung Lim, Chae Yeon and Kim Min Sun.. its not just am not too fond of them... I will be watching it outta curiousity... *siiigh* Me likes Infinity Challenge but this Hi 5 concept is just like an imitation of Muhandojeon... sheesh... my sundays wont be HAPPY anymore ㅠㅅㅠ
Still.. Hyunyoung and Hyeryun eonnie~ 빠샤~~!!!

snagged these from Hyunyoung's cyworld... hee hee ^ㅅ^

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