Chansori/잔소리 - The Nuts

korean lyrics:

아무일 없지 지낼만 하지
거봐 괜찮다고 했잖아
장난끼 어린 니 맑은음성이
하루종일 내 곁에 있곤해

어딜가든지 내가 무얼하든지
혼자 내버려두지 않아
무얼 먹어야 할지 무얼 입어야 할지
가면 갈수록 더 해지는 너의 잔소리

그래서 눈물 나 내 귓가엔 니가 있는데
너를 볼수 없다는게 그게 너무 슬퍼서
그래서 눈물 나 내 가슴에 살아 있는 널
너무 보고싶어서 너무 보고싶어서 너무 아파


저 여잔 어때 자꾸 등을 떠밀어
다른 여잘 만나게 해도 열번이면 열번 다
이뤄질순 없었고 그런날이면
전쟁같은 너의 잔소리

그래서 눈물 나 나 그렇게 누굴 만나면
이제 다신 내 귓가에 오지 않을 너라서
그래서 눈물 나 너 그렇게 보내 버리면
니가 보고 싶어서 너무나 보고싶어서 눈물이 나

어쩜 이렇게 아플까 가슴 터질 것처럼
그저 너 하나 없는 것일 뿐인데

그래서 눈물 나 이 세상이 해준것보다
니가 내게 해준것이 너무나도 많아서
그래서 눈물 나 널 더 이상 듣지 못한채
주먹만한 가슴에 너를 살게 하는게 미안해서

romanized lyrics:

ahmooil eobschi jinaelman haji
guhbwa gwaenchanhdago haethjanha
jangnanggi uhrin nee malgeuneumsungi
haruchongil nae gyeotheh ithgonhae

eodilganeunji naega mueulhadeunji
honja naeburyeodooji ahnah
mueol meokeoya halji moouhl imuhya halji
kamyeon kalsoorok duh haejineun neoyeh chansori

geuraesuh noonmool na nae gwithgaehn niga ithneundeh
neoreul bolsu eobsdaneungeh geugeh neomu seulpeosuh
geuraesuh noonmool na nae gaeseumeh sara ithneun neol
neomu bogosippeosuh neomu bogosippeosuh neomu ahppa..


chuh yeochan uhddae chaggu deungeul ddeomiruh
dareun yeochan mannageh haedo yeolbuhneemyeon yeolbuhn da
eerweochilsoon eobseothgo geureonnalimyeon
chunchaeingatheun neoyeh chansori~

geuraeso noonmool na~ na geureonggeh nugoon mannamyeon
ihjeh dashin nae gwithgaeh ohjee anheul neoraseo
geuraesoh noonmool na neo geureonggeh bonae buhrimyeon
niga bogo sippeosuh nuhmoona bogosippeosuh noonmoolee na

eocheom ihreonggeh ahppeulgga gaseum teojil geothchuhreom
geucheo neo hana eobsneun geothil bboonindeh

geuraeso noonmool na ee sehsangee haechoongeothboda
niga naegeh haechoongeossee neomoonado manhacheo
geuraeso noonmol na neol deo eesang deuthji mothhanjeh
choomyeokmanhan gaseumeh neorul salgeh haneungeh miahnhaeseo


Nothing can't merely be done alone
That's okay to look there, isn't it?
This is a voice of clear childishness
All of the days, I am weary.

Where to go and what to say,
All alone, I wont keep on leaving
What to eat, what to wear
Worn out by your scolding, If you go time goes by more.

Then I cry, I didnt hear, its there
In your cheeks there's nothing, its so sad
So my tears fall down, my feelings is to stay alive for you
I miss you so much, I miss you so much it hurts.

Where's that woman that's always being pushed in the back
Almost ten times different from all woman I have met,
If I cannot purely realize that thing
That your scolding is like a fight.

So I cry, If I meet that someone
I cant hear you now, I couldnt bear tommorrow
Like this I'm sending out to you, if you give up, Then I cry.
I miss you too much, i miss you so much I'm crying.

So break down if by any chance it hurts like this ,
Still you can't, once youre alone.

So I cry, this world is nothing to look at
To me its nothing, its too much
So I cry, so impossibly strange it doesnt affect you
A fist-size of memory, my feelings to you. I'm sorry to be alive once again.

romanized and translated by me, if you take this, at least thank me for it, heehee. Translations in favor of Mandy [:


Aya said...

i love the nuts... YAY!

Mauwy said...

haha, me too, me too ;]

beenalee said...

waaa! Ji Hyun-Woo oppa~ ^^ I love the Nuts too.. s2

Gary Norris said...

the translation is way off, by the way. but thanks for the lyrics. i had a hard time finding them.

great blog.

Pree-oz said...

Hi, my boyfriend and I are laughing at the song-love it!! But the translation is actually wrong.

For instance, in the second stanza you have, "Where to go and what to say, All alone, I wont keep on leaving."

It's more like, "No matter where i go, no matter what i do, you never leave me alone."

This also fits the title of the song much better. Hope this is helpful!