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Lee Jung Jae | Character: Kim Ji Sung (33)
Government official, in charge of Incheon Airport personnel.
The airport is his "frontier"

Originally possessing a passionate and sentimental personality, because of his profession, he cannot leave tension and pressure aside even for a moment.
As a government official, he takes care of all matters related to preserving the peace within the airport: He handles issues involving terror, industrial espionage, hijacking airplanes, hostage situations, narcotics, North Korean defectors in disguise, medical quarantines, smuggling intelligence for domestic crime syndicates, forged passports, cyber-terror.

With keen powers of observation and judgment, he acts quickly to ensure no trouble arises. He isn't the type to compromise the system and logic of things merely believing that justice will be followed. In order to achieve his aim, he'll do everything in his power, even disobeying orders, so he's always running into problems, big and small.

Because he couldn't handle a painful farewell, he volunteered to go to the Middle East as a "black-suited" agent. Exercising harsh discipline participating in turbulent and dangerous missions, he wanted to forget everything. However, upon returning to his home country after three years, he's thrown into chaos when he re-encounters his old love.

Though he can't help but conflict with the airport employees for his work's sake, as his innately warm, bright disposition begins to come out, they become a family.

Although he clashes sharply with the Operations Headquarters Chief Han Do Kyung, as they experience danger together, they build up a strong trust and confidence between them. Seeing such a steadfast and strong woman faced with confusion because of a younger sibling, he finds himself moved with compassion... But even as their attachment and familiarity grows, that woman cannot sense his love for her even in her dreams.

Choi Ji Woo | Character: Han Do Kyung (31)
Incheon Airport Operations Headquarters Section Chief
The airport is her "haven"/"refuge"

Has authority over the administration of airport operations. A beautiful professional, she speaks five languages; her judgments are cool-headed, decisive.
On the outside, it looks like she wouldn't even bleed one drop if you pricked her, but her heart is unexpectedly generous and deep. However, when she's alone, she's assailed with pity and loneliness. She bears a deep hurt from her youth.

With her elegant appearance and rational manner, she gives off the slight impression of being a veteran at romance. In truth, she's had several romances in the past. The problem is, she's never experienced a love to cause her pain, or make her act foolish. She thinks those passionate romances in movies or novels are simply fiction, and sees her friends' or colleagues' experiences as mere exaggeration or silly attachments.

However, one man begins to stir up unfamiliar emotions in her. Although she serves in an airport overflowing with meetings and farewells, she finds the idea of meeting and parting frightening, and thus fears genuine communication with other people, and has built up a wall around her... but because of unrequited love for one man, everything is shaken. Of all the people in the world, it's a man she works with, and still more dangerous, he's a government agent. Encountering love and farewell with Ji Sung, she learns how to love herself, and communicate with the world.

As two women working in the airport, she feels a sense of solidarity with the airport hospital doctor Myung Woo, and builds up confidence with her. However, learning that she was Ji Sung's old love throws her into confusion. Even with this complication between friendship and love, they come to treat one another with respect and sincerity.

Lee Jin Wook | Character: Kang Ha Joon (31)
Airport Administration Team Manager
Airport is his "battle turf"

Quick-tempered with a habit of talking aggressively, he's a passionate and deep-hearted man. At the airport, he watches over the several thousand closed-circuit security televisions, managing all incidents that arise.

Running up and down endlessly between the land and air sides, like a bulldozer he works to resolve all complications and problems. Because of the nature of his work, his personality is hardly pleasant. Although day after day is met with constant stress, still, he enjoys his work.

He becomes a firm source of refuge for Do Kyung. But, his feelings for Do Kyung become more and more complicated. As workplace superior and childhood friend, and also an unrequited love, he doesn't know how his relationship with this one woman became so complicated.

Moon Jung Hee | Character: Seo Myung Woo (31)
Airport Hospital Doctor.
Ji Sung's former girlfriend.

A general medical examiner at the airport hospital, she also performs exams on emergency patient cases in airplanes during flight, as well as quarantine inspections. Without participating in the warzone-like emergency rooms, she's become a determined veteran in the art of medicine. When she takes off her doctor's gown, she exudes a soft, feminine appeal.

In her days as an emergency room intern, during her most difficult times she met a patient, Ji Sung, and the two passionately fell in love, but they ended up separating. Upon finding out that Ji Sung has returned to Korea, she leaves the university hospital she was working at and volunteers to work at the airport emergency facility. She acts coolly to Ji Sung after their three-year separation, but her feelings of love return to her vividly.

Although she wants to restore their love again, they've come too far. Also, he now has a young, intelligent, woman next to him, a woman who doesn't tremble in fear like herself. Han Do Kyung stands by his side.

She finds herself mixed up in both her friendship and jealousy with Do Kyung.

Kim Jun Ho | Character: No Tae Man
Mayor of Incheon International Airport Administration -
Headquarters Environment Improvement Team.

He, aiming at world's best cleanliness Airport, sets atmospheres of the drama which seems to become comparatively heavy to lighter and it is the general person who comes to keep the balance.


The first episode just rocks~! heehee. The setting is just classy and not to mention this drama must have been 'pricey' and both 재중이 & 지우언니 are already big names to the industry so thumbs up for thier acting~ for me both are already pro players in the game of acting, especially Joongee~ I loved him, especially in his movies Typhoon, Last Present and altho Il Mare was not a personal favorite I still has praises for his acting. The drama has many action scenes and its cutting edge and exciting and at first I was not really sure if the JJ & JW tandem will work but after the first episode am really rooting and cannot wait for these two to hook up, I mean 지승와 도경... so 명우 is his ex 남여~ but this is now and I will be crazy if 지승 and 도경 wouldnt end up together in the end... ㅋㅋㅋㅋ and I remembered 민희~ coz 재중 and 민희 were together for three years and yes they broke up last January and then I dont know if 지우 & 민희 are really close but I`m sure the two must be acquainted because of 해영이~ I remember seeing her 결혼 사진 and both girls are there.. oh well, its too bad they separated but I hope the two find happiness still :(

Anyway I can already feel the chemistry between the two lead~ Jisung and Dokyung and I dont want him to get back with his ex~ blahhh. The plot is really interesting, not to mention the love story parts. I cant wait what will happen next~!

Anyway, just feel bad that there's still dramas that I dont have time to finish but its just hard when none of your favorite star is in the drama~ I mean its hard to watch when your fave star isnt in the drama, and Air City has both my fave stars so am ecstatic.. heehee. Am not sure if I will have to continue 유희 coz many are saying it sucked~ and I missed most of the EPS of 마왕 on KBS world its kinda hard to follow it :(

Oh well, Air City looks really promising and am so looking forward to more ^^

재중오빠, 지우히메~ 힘내세여~!!
에어시티~ 파이팅!!!

many thanks to javabeans for the character descriptions

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yuki said...

i thought the ending was so sad.... and it confused me.. i really hope they have a 2nd season to sum it up.. casue the ending was so.. depressing...