what i hate most...

Is when i`m downloading off from megaupload and then it just hangs or freezes... I mean its already like downloaded 30% of the 100+% mb~~! 아으우~ 진짜! As a kdrama obssessed fan, I dont watch most of dramas online because, yes I might have that attention-deficit disorder blahness.. so yep I DL them and now speaking of that I have to watch the older eps of 마녀 유희, 헬로 애기씨, 히트 and 마왕~ coz its just taking up disk space! gahhh.. so yeah. I was downloading an ep of 여걸 from 2005 because 엠씨 몽 is a guest and I swear~ I just love 엠씨몽... 하하하..! So yeah. Back to my rant. When you then cancel your download, and then reDL the file it says DOWNLOAD EXCEEDED...! 아이씨~! So i found out a solution since I am registered at MU but I am not a premium user, so yes, this is what you can do too ;)

Go to your control panel and click the clear history tab, the delete cookies tab and also the delete temporary internet files tab.. and voila! click the DL tab at MU and no more download limit exceeded because MU detected your i.p address... hah! then you can rest peacefully... heehee. Problem solved right?

Still. I am not that off the rant. I mean I hate stealing. especially net-stealing, plagiarism and stuff. I mean I`m not a selfish person, I am willing to share infos and stuffs that someone might want or need as long as I know or as long as I have what you are looking for then why would I not share it. Really. If you snip some things here then its fine as long as you credit me and not entirely use it as your own. When I post about something that I snipped off from a blog or website its just proper that I credit whoever or wherever I took it. So yes please, no stealing especially of ideas??? Its just not right ㅜㅅㅜ;

or I might write here from now in a different language some might not understand. like this~

진짜~~ 야 퍼하지마라구. 퍼가는 그만해!
무든 이것에 완전히은 내 생각의고 내 쓰기의고
그리고 나 는 이기적 사람이 안돼
그래서 너 도둑이 사람이 그만해

표절이 너 몰라? 그래서 너 바보라구
너는 나의 아이디어를 무단으로 차용해있다난
그 미워해있어

너 생각겠의야 혼자구.

이 화내다... 정말 !!!ㅇ ㅏ ㅇ ㅣ ㅆ ㅣ~~~ 아이여.
마위야 - 마음을 가라앉히다. ^^

forgive my french... ㅡ_____ㅡ;;


이 사진을 미소지었다..

신애라씨와 딸. 와~ 넘 귀엽이여~!