Guess who these hotties are~

The first pic is 김동희 and the second is~ 전태수. I believe beautiful/good looking genes run in the family~ ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
And I must say that these two guys are lookin` fine... 헤 헤 헤~ Well, they should be, thier older sisters or 누나의 are goodlooking people, especially Donghee~! So yes, 동희 is 김혜수이 남 동생 & 태수 is 하지원의 남동생 두.

I like 혜수님~ she's one of my fave actresses too. I think she's great! especially in 다짜~ Well, just look and she has awards already, heehee. 지원 is also a favorite of mine, she'll always be the 황진이 to me~~ heehee... both are great actresses I can say.. and If am not mistaken thier sibs are entering entertainment world too, well goodluck to both, I just hope thier image wont be over-shadowed by thier sisters~ if they have the talent too, then good for them.

Sweet~ I love this pic, it seems theyre really close~ awww!
혜수언님과 동희
An old pic of 지원언님 과 태수~!

images courtesy of daum~

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