Finally, DalJa realizes there's no need for revenge~ there's no point in arguing with SunJoo, no point in taking the dish out of vengeance on SeDo, after all, she cannot help encountering these two people so, her heart is finally at rest ^^


한마디로 충분했다
That single word was all I needed to hear.

순간만큼은 그는 더이상 남자가 아니었고

From that moment on, he was not a man.

순간만큼 그녀는 더이상 나의 적이아니었다

From that moment on, she was not a woman that was my rival.

나의, 동료들이었다.

They are my co-workers.

by DalJa ~ Ep2 달자의봄 2희

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