Lee Young Ae-Ssi on MBC Infinity Challenge!!!


After such a *depressing* news I get such a good news. I think am gonna be happy for now. Anyway, YoungAe-ssi will be on MBC`s Infinity Challenge this week!!! Infinity Challenge is one funny show too~ watched some EPs and its real laugh-off... heehee~ gahhhh, I cant wait !!!!! Hopefully she'd be coming out more soon, I really missed her, haahaa!!! its only in CF`s that i was able to see her... I hope she has new movie or drama... soon!!! I just miss her..!!! 영애씨 언니~ 바이팅!!!

translated to english from this article

1. Young-Ae will appear in the TV show 'Muhandojeon' this Saturday. As you may remember, the main MC of the show Yoo Jae-Seok had sat next to Young-Ae in last year's Baeksang Arts Awards and said he couldn't talk to her because he was too nervious. Since then, the 6 men of the show were fooled twice with a phone call to Young-Ae which was actually voice-imitated by the same female comedian. So Young-Ae became literally "Muhandojeon's official lady" the 6 men longed the most to meet in person. To commemorate its 50th episode, the 6 men went to see Young-Ae where she was shooting a TV commercial last Saturday, and their rendezvous will be aired this Saturday evening. It seems the TV commercial is the next Shinhan Financial Group commercial which will co-star Young-Ae and Yoo Jae-Seok (it had been reported that Shinhan also signed a contract with Yoo for their TV commercials).

2. Young-Ae and other DJG casts will hold a fan meeting at the Tokyo Dome sometime this summer. Other than that, further details are not known at the moment.

translated by momo of lya.net

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