You must know him from JuMong, Soseono`s sidekick, SaYong. I actually am fond of him, he might be a 'hermaphrodite' in the drama, but whattheheck, he is adorable to me. He is sooo cute, haha. He is the *brains* of the Yeontabal group, and if Woo Tae is the head bodyguard of the group, he's the brains. Yes, he is one smart fella. I was soooo nervous in the episode that he was hurt!!! Aww, I wouldnt bear it if something happens to him. geez.

His real name is Bae Su Bin, btw, He was born on Dec. 12, 1976, Blood type is A, 180 cm and he weighs 68 kgs. He is nicknamed Sunny Bae but his real name is Yoon Tae Wook.

I think I have a hair fetish in men because eversince, I adore guys with long hairs... aigoo..!!! Is something wrong with me? ㅎㅎㅎㅎ hee~ he is my bishie ^^

and OMG, hee looks like a girl here! 이뻐??? 아~ 진짜~~ LOL.

Cute Pix ^^
SaYongHyeopBo XD

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