Some of SuJu`s members were on a car accident~!

We regret to inform you that Super Junior’s Lee Teuk, Eun Hyuk, Sin Dong and Kyu Hyun were involved in a car accident couple of hours ago. They were driving back to their apartment after their “Kiss the Radio” radio show when this happened. According to witnesses, the car lost control on the highway and overturned, causing the members to get out of the car bleeding with major and minor injuries. The exact conditions are not known at this moment, but Shin Dong is okay according to sources. Their managers were also riding in the car and they are currently all hospitalized in Kang Nam Hospital.

Kyu Hyun is in serious condition and he’s still at Kang Nam Hospital. The other members and managers were transported to Samsung Hospital.

Super Junior’s member Kyu Hyun is suffering from severe chest pains and he was transferred to ICU unit recently. The pictures of their van demonstrate the severity of the accident.

from Popseoul

This has been the worst week I have ever had ㅠㅅㅠ too many depressing news.... I just hope They'll gonna be okay... especially Kyu Hyun... and this is what was left of thier van:

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