I`m loving Witch YooHee~~ soooo much!!! Not to mention the hotties in this dramas: Dennis O, Kim Jung Hoon and Jae Hee, I just have to give it to YooHee, it was a good move she cut her hair, Han Ga In looks pretty in it too and her fashion sense~ my my! two thumbs up ^^ Geez. I think I`m gonna be addicted to WYH~~ for real. Like how am addicted to DJS. Haahaa. and SeonJu from DalJas Spring and YooHee~ they have the same fashion sense. And They have the same hairstyle and theyre both kinda scary and theyre both kinda witchy in thier own leagues [YooHee is a company president] and SunJoo[is a shopping channel show host] so theyre both kinda demanding but great in thier job. Both can be frank and sarcastic at times and both are wayy hotties~!!! I love her too ^^ Yes, work it YooHee! 힘내라~ 유희씨~~!!!


orangepantss said...

Han Ga In's pretty.:) Love the outfits!! Lovin the hair too.:P She has nicer cothes in here than in Super Rookie..hekhek:P

Mauwy said...

yeah~ totally ^^
I love her awready, heehee... and i want her hairstyle, LMAO!! XD