Dancing Queen

I love this song by Abba, Dancing Queen. DalJa has it as her ringtone in the drama, so its still stuck in my head..LOL. I should get myself a phone sooner, really. Its just that I lost my phone last year, november and till now I havent bought a new one yet. Geez. Its just that a cellphone is not really a necessity right now. Anyway. I guess I have to put on a halt on watching some of kdramas~ since I got late enrolling for summer classes, I'd be having a summer job in my mom`s place.. the question is, I still have some time to watch another drama in my pending list, its just that.. I dont know which to watch~ should I finally get around to watch Goong [I know, I havent had the time..dannggg] or Spring Waltz..heee.

Anyway. Just love Dancing Queen, such a classic song, I remember dancing it at school for P.E. dancing classes, and now it brings me memories of spring.. hee! as if there's a spring season here. LOL. I come from a southeast asian country and there's only two season here ~ wet and dry. So it's kinda ironic that I even have a "spring-themed' bloggie. Oh well, spring is in my heart~ LOLx. and I cant believe DalJas Spring will officially wrap up this week on KBS world... and I wonder which drama will replace it [*pls let it be Mawang*] heehee ^^ Its such a bittersweet feeling T.T

I`m really having the LSS about Dancing Queen, geez, heehee. Here's the song:

And if ever you wanted it too, click THIS for the DL link ^^

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