I got around and started watching MaWang aka The Devil. And DalJas Spring officially wrapped up yesterday.. sad. So.. yes. Bittersweet.

So far, this drama made me cheer up, I know its not a comedy drama~ but still seeing Jo Ji Hoon made me glad, I say he's one heck of a hottie. And I`m lovin Shin Min Ah, I say she improved much, much better than the A Love to Kill days and her long hair suits her. As for Uhm Tae Woong aka UHM FORCE, loving him too, he might not have a pretty boy face but def. he's one hot guy. And I say in terms of acting ~ two thumbs up for me.

Psychometry [Psychometry is a form of extra-sensory perception wherein a psychic holds an object in his or her hands in order to obtain information about the object or its owner] is a great thing, but also can be bad. Great and good coz Hae In can help another because once she touches things/persons she can help obtaining info which can be useful... bad... because she can also sense the person's past which can be an ugly past...


I`m starting my summer job next week, So i might drop a kdrama I am watching.. I hate to do this... but I dont have much time ㅠㅡㅠ

It's gonna be either, Crazy in Love or H.I.T...! I know!!! Theyre both good and recommended dramas but I dont have soo many time on my hands [to DL & watch] *sob* ++ laptop here is gonna overload hardware capacity because of me DLing dramas [WYH, H!M, CIL] I havent bought dvd`s yet for it to burn.. and its such a waste to DL them and not having a backup file...! Geeeez... Still... going dvd hunting tomorrow... heehee. Here's a list that I wanna buy, I hope theyre available..
  • I really really like you
  • Save the last dance for me [rewatch, i know!!!]
  • Fireworks
  • Fantasy couple
  • Alone in love
  • Whats up fox
  • Bad family

I hope my money is enough... heehee ^^ and I know!!! I have time to buy and buy dvd of kdramas but I dont have time to watch them.. I suck X_x

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