its a Family Thing~

These are my favorite family tandems:

Eru and Dad, Tae Jin Ah
LOL~ I must admit that I love trot korean music heehee. And I also love this father-son tandem, last January on Heroine6 Tae Jin Ah came out surprisingly and sang a few lines and all and Eru was like, so surprised, but then they looked cute and Tae Jin Ah was asked to sing his son`s song "Black Glasses" which he obliged but it sounded like he was singing it the rock version, LOL..! They have a CF too of SoJu together, LOL! and I dont think Eru is just grabbing on his dad's coattails, I think he has really nice song and not to mention he's a cutie, I think he established himself more and not just "Tae Jin Ah`s son".

The two on Heroine6 [ep114]

Kim Tae Hee & Lee Wan
She's pretty, He's a hottie ~ but nevertheless these two has the talent to back it up, and if you dont know theyre sibs you would mistook them as a couple... haahaa! I think he has a done a great job in Tree's of Heaven And Kim Tae Hee, i think she's a good actress too, I loved her more in Stairway to Heaven, as the villain. LOL. I wish she'd take on more villainess roles, coz her eyes look scary when she's mad, actually she's scary when she gets mad and evil and all. LOL. She's older, so he's her noona, and they appear very close to each other, which I think is cute ^^ and I loved Lee Wan`s cyon CF~ coz he mentioned one time in the CF, "Kim Tae Hee, I`ll give you her number," LOL!

Uhm Jung Hwa & Uhm Tae Woong
The Queen of Kpop diva and her younger bro, Uhm Force~ LOL! I love these two also. TaeWoong is a great actor, and I just love it when he smiles~ and Jung Hwa can really act, I just loved her in the movie, "For Horowitz" and I love her songs, haahaa! She imitates madonna or cher ~ regarding her outfits but then I think she's great! Geez, two great-looking, talented sibs, wow! She's sexy and he's hot, haahaa. And here's a vid of them back in the days, a very shy looking Tae Woong, aww ^^

So, the family that stays together... succeeds together!!! fighting!!! ^^

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