La La La Dolce Vita.. Cha Cha Cha.. Gara Gara..

Awwww, Xiah isnt my fave. partner for HyeYoung~ ya know she said they just look like aunties... haahaa. But theyre still cute!!! Awwww... 너무 귀엄다!!! ^^

From Heroine6 [:

And HyeYoung eonnie confessed she DOESNT sing live~ which I find funny btw, as opposed to what others might think that its lame.. coz she used to be a singer... anywho... She's just not good at live singing... haahaa... no matter what she really do in H6... its too cuute!!! awww.. haahaa. She said 라이브 한번도 안해봤어요 [am pertaining on the pic below]. Which I think in english is, I never sang live once.... OHMONA!! haahaa..!! Mc Mong and Hye Young~ now MC Mong is my fave partner of her.. heehee.

So, one episode in Heroine6, she sang live... aigoo!!!! Oh not only once, I remember she also sang for KimJongMin... LMAO!!! I was laughing so hard but at the same time i think she was cuute.. not to mention brave.. bravo~ HyeYoung eonnie!!! and HyunYoung!!! Sure HyunYoung and HyeYoung has songs and singles but yeah yeah they cant sing live WELL but I still love them.. hah!! They also performed in a special EP in Guam together but still.. this one here is the best perf of them so far.. LMAO!!! Theyre such cute dorkies!! XD So yeah... what happens when HyeYoung and HyunYoung sings live together? TOTAL LAUGHTRIP... and then when HyunYoung, and HyeYoung was dancing and singing~~ differently HyeRyun comes to join but LeeHwiJae stops her.. OMGGG!! So it was like:

HyeYoung: La La La Dolce Vita~~
Hyun Young: Cha Cha Cha
Hye Ryun: Gara Gara---

Roflmao ^_^ I really love them yuhguls... they make me laugh, heehee. and this is HyeYoung`s song: LA DOLCE VITA ^^

and this is where she performed LIVE on H6 + the actual choreography of the song.. I cant stop laughing~~ but I still admire her, she's my fave heroine ^^ [used to be *sobs] :3

and now this is from KBS music show: Show! Music Bank! she can dance~ LOL!!! She can strut her stuff, heehee.. I think she's just more *demure* then? LOL. and I`m quite sure she lipsynched here: [but the heck I care, she's still my fave] This vid and her single was released from the year 2000, btw.

So yes. She might not sing too well in live, she even said she's not good without scripts and she may have looked mean in H6~ still beyond all her faults, I accept her as an actress and those other things dont matter to me.. so anti-fans betta shut thier holes hee~ actually all anti-fans of the yuhguls should already shut thier traps.. I dont like much Bin but I admire her dancing skills and so what if she got plastic surgery.. dont matter to me... aigoo! its just that am missing Heroine 6 already... in Korea it will have its last episode next sunday!!!! 나 너무 슬쁘겠어!!! I loved H6 too much ㅠ________ㅠ

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