DalJa is soo irked that she SeDo wasnt calling her. SeDo gave up on her when he cant do nothing about making advances to her~ and well he should be. DalJa is still celibate at her age - 33. I dont think there's nothing wrong with it. If you want to keep it for your social beliefs then go for it. If youre waiting for the right one to give it to - then good for you. There's no need to rush with things and regret them later. Anyway. SunJoo had a talk with DalJa. When I first seen this scene, I was very irked too at SunJoo and yes I thought she was some arrogant girlie. But having watched it for the second time, and third I finally saw her side of the matter. And DalJa was too much in bringing up something from SunJoo`s past. I cant blame DalJa for being like that I cant blame her if she was so naive about Shin SeDo being such *playboy*. I cant blame SunJoo for being straightforward and prank. It's just that SunJoo~ even in the beginning cares a little and DalJa being ignored and stood up really took it the hard way and thinks everyone is aginst her - so no one is to be blamed, really.

SunJoo: 안어울려요..
You don’t match.
DalJa: ?
: 신세도 그사람 말이예요,
오달자씨랑은 기본적으로 노는물이 틀리다고
You and Shin SeDo don’t play in the same field.
오달자 아직 남자랑 자본적 없죠?
Oh DalJa, you haven’t slept with a man yet?
자볼만큼 깊게 사겨본 남자도 없을테고
And you don’t last much in a relationship because of that.
DalJa: 저기요..
Excuse me..
: 남자란게 어떤건지 아직 간도 못봤을꺼야. 그렇죠?
And you still don’t know how men are really like.
: 위선주씨!
Wee SunJoo!
: 딱해서그래요, 그러다 상처봤을까봐.
I pity for you that, and that you might get hurt.
DalJa: .. 뭐라고요?
Ha~ what did you say?
: 그나이에 남자땜에 꼴사나워지는거 웃습잖아요,
Its just that, Isn’t it pitiful to get dumped by a co-worker?
그것도 한직장 안에서
.. 안그래요?
Isn’t that right?
: 이것보세요, 내가 언제 위선주씨한테 연애문제 상담한적 있어요?
Listen here, did I ever ask you, Wee SunJoo about my life?
: 그런건 아니지만..
No, it’s not like that.
: 아니면, 내가 언제 나 상처받은거 위로해달라고 했어요?
If not, did I even ask you to comfort me?
: 그런적은 없지만..
No, it’s not even that either.
DalJa: 없는데 내꼴이 우스워지는 상처를 받든 뭔상관이예요?
Then, if I get dumped, or get hurt what is it to you?
.. 아니 내가 남자랑 잠을자든 간을 보든 뭔상관이냐고요~
And what is it to you if I sleep with a man or not?
당신이 그렇게 잘랐어요
? 그렇게 남자를 잘알아요?
Are you that good? Do you know men all that well?
그렇게 남자를 잘아는 여자가 이혼을 왜했데
? 그것도 세상 떠들석하게
Then if you knew men that well, why did you get a divorce when you told everyone
3개월 만에..
about your marriage but separated after just 3 months?

(~..) SunJoo was aghast and speechless at that. It did hit her.

SunJoo: 오달자씨..!
Oh DalJa~
: 왜요? 뭐요? 할말있으면 해봐요..
Why… What? If you got anything to say, say it…
: 메리~크리스마스~
Merry Christmas~

EP1 달자의봄 1희

So, DalJa vowed to take revenge. But isnt she taking it too hard. I thought so. SunJoo also thinks so. You might think that SunJoo is such a big b***tch and I thought so too. But little by little her character grew on me. The cold and arrogant~ but smart lady. Deep inside she's warm-hearted and kind, and just looks cold and uncaring on the outside. The one whose trying so hard to push people away but because deep inside she's troubled and suffering and chooses to suffer alone. Hence she was lonely and alone and her coldness is just a front to make her look strong coz deep down she is just a person who feels pain and hurt. I love her really. Heehee. SunJoo~ fighting! LOL. Back to the scene. SunJoo is not that cruel and DalJa has to see that. ^^

SunJoo: 혹시.. 여자의 적은 여자라고 생각해?
Do you think that women’s rivals are women?

그냥.. 궁금해서 묻는거야..
It’s just I wanna ask because I`m curious…
오달자씬 좋은데, 사람 보는 눈이 별루잖아.
Oh Dal Ja – you are good but you don’t know how to look at people.
괜히 영양가 없는 사람들한테까지 일일이 잘보이고 싶어 애만 쓰구.
You try so hard to look good to others when you don’t really have to.
: 택시! 택시이!!!
(Ignores SunJoo) Taxi! Taxi!

SunJoo: 피곤하게 살지마, 인생 짧어.
Stop trying so hard, life is short.
DalJa: 나두 인생 짧은거 알거든요. 그러니까!
I know too, that life is short, So just let it be!

내가 영양가 없는 사람들한테 보일라고 애를 쓰든, 용을 쓰든 냅두세요.
If I try too hard too look good on people when I don’t need to.

내가 좋아서 벗에 그렇게 사는거니까 냅두라구요! ?
I do it because I wanted to, so just leave it alone. Okay?
: 알기 쉬운 여자야, 오달자씬.
You’re such an easy person to read, Oh Dal Ja.
DalJa: 뭐가요?
What is?
SunJoo: 있어, 그런게..
There’s just something like that.

EP1 달자의봄 1희


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