Cho Seung Hui

He is not a star, nor a celeb.. But he is known right now for being the gunman at Viriginia Tech University.

And he is korean. But I dont mean it to look at him as someone who belongs to the KOREAN race, but as an individual who comitted this act.

Yes, I was surprised when I first saw the name - Cho Seung Hui flashing at the bottom of the tv screen as a marquee last night at CNN. By then, I knew that the gunman was a korean and that he also killed himself after the shooting spree he had.. Looking beyond his nationality and taking it aside because in my own opinion, the nationality, race is beyond all this now. We dont have to just point out the fact that he is korean. IMHO~ I say he was one troubled, lonely, manic and disturbed not to mention enraged soul. He might be selfish and coward doing this and also evil but that's not the problem. What made him do it is the big question. and how easily he purchased a gun should be emphasized.

But after all this, I feel sad for the victims, but I dont condemn Cho Seung Hui because I personally think that he needed some help~ desperately and that beyond all this he had a history beyond his inner violence and rage and how guns made him easily do it.

I`m just concerned what will happen now, if it this affects almost everything. But then...

And I say.. THERE'S NO RIGHT FOR PEOPLE TO BEAR ARMS.. unless for own security and protection reasons.

USA has to be much more strict in their gun-control policies and laws and his race shouldnt be blamed and ASIANS shouldnt be at least feared now and discriminated now... I mean... when ASIANS commit crime abroad all eyes are on US, yes I am an asian too, but if AMERICANS commit crime in asian countries, like here in where I live they easily get away with it. It's still so unfair... yet we dont discriminate the westerners. But abroad, even before, ASIANS and ASIAN-AMERICANS are looked down upon more now...

It's unfair to blame where he was born and his same kind of people. And if I were to point out all the misbehavings Americans already did not only here in my own country and in other asian countries it'll be endless so, I hope some will just stop being racist faggots... it's just sad.

in the end.. may the victims souls rest in peace.


Jihye park said...

hey long time no see.
first of all, I totally agree with you.. maybe all the people who heard that news were shocked. So was I. especially I was really surprised after I knew that he's korean.(yeah I'm a korean.) but this is not important..where he's from or what's his name- Just he was a very poor person who needed our help. I just feel so sad about it. and many innocent people who is killed two days ago. And also I'm worried that some stupid people hurt ASIAN people cause of it. There are so many words that want to say.. but it's not easy to say.. Anyway yes I also hope.. REST IN PEACE- and Kind of this big tragedy never again..!

Mauwy said...

Hello, yes long time no see.

This is just big news, very sad and depressing and shocking. It didnt matter to me that he's a korean~ that is way beyond the point. But yes, he needed help and he was mentally ill. but its too late to do something about that now, I hope too that this kind of thing wont happen again in the future.