More on SHK as Hwang Jin Yi

Caps from Yunyega Entertainment News ~ KBS2 TV. [3.31.07]
credits to HD tv girl mania~Naver.

The much anticipated hwang Jin Yi the movie~ finally Song Hye Kyo is interviewed. She had to endure 15 hours wearing those 5 kgs heair pieces!!!! Tha'ts hard, mannn! And putting it is such hard work, not to mention a little reckless hair piece putting in her head will hurt her~

On the interview part, she said she wanted to try out some roles away from her usual cutesy image, and I say, that's a smart move, eonnie ^^ Coz me likes versatility. I really dislike consistency.. so luckily this maybe a breakthrough for her acting career. I hope.

She also stated she liked acting alongside Yoo Ji Tae, and I think she's right, Yoo Ji Tae is a veteran already, but thier scenes required acting more with separation from each other. I think he's a great actor, having had more experiences in the acting field, he's one of my fave actor btw.

Hmm. Am I expecting some high hopes for this move? Maybe, and I think this will be HyeKyo's make or break in her acting career, becoz going away from your usual image may help or.. sadly hurt you, so I hope it goes well.. despite all the criticisms and controversies regarding these movie. Some said Ha Ji Won has much greater point in facial expression but Song Hye Kyo does fairly well when it comes voice diction~ as you may not notice the way of speaking and how you speak back in the joseon/goguryeo dynasty in korea is so different to how they speak nowadays so, the pressure is really on. And this is her first time doing a Saeguk role~ the pressure is really on her, and the movie is different from the drama - this movie if I`m not mistaken is adapted from the novel itself. If the drama focused much more on the arts and Hwang Jin Yi's love affair ~ the movie I think offers too much of her love affairs. As you might have seen in the trailer that it contained *nudity scene* and well, did the PD used it so that the people will highly anticapate it? Maybe. Or maybe it just shows how a gisaeng is really like. Gisaeng are palace courtesans, very much similar to Japan`s Geisha`s. Now, I cant help but remember, Memoirs of a Geisha. I hope Song Hye Kyo pulls it off well, if i`m content and amazed by her acting here, then maybe she'd make it to my all time favorite actresses [:

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