Happy SunJoo

SunJoo is happy to know that DalJa and SeDo really cares, they even cooked for her because she was sick. I love thier friendship and how they help each other in times of one's needs ^^But SunJoo is still.. hard to please. HeeHee. So, SunJoo was sick and Dalja, taeBong and SeDo helped to cook for her.

[DalJa opens the pot of kimchi bean sprout porridge she was cooking]

SunJoo: 이것무슨 냄새자
Whats that smell?

[SeDo orders TaeBong to open the windows so the smell will go away]

SunJoo: 춥자나!
Its cold!

[SeDo then ordered TaeBong to close the windows in half, while DalJa said to lower the fire since the food will get burned]

SunJoo: 아~ 시끄러 정말!
Ah! So noisy, really!!!

달자의봄 5희
DalJa`s Spring EP5

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