What Pride Is.

So, DalJa finds out about SeDo and SeonJu and that they were going out too. DalJa was dumped by SeDo even before she knew it. She was mad, she was angry. So, she~ in a drunken state hired TaeBong to be her boyfriend and that they have to pretend to be sweet and all in order to make SeDo jealous and make him crawl back to his feet so he can break it off with SeonJu and when SeDo comes crawling back at her she will dump SeDo. That was the revege she wanted. To embarass SeDo the way she was embarassed with others. TO make him feel shamed... but is that what its all about?

TaeBong/태봉 : 아, 그렇게 자신이 없어?
So you dont have confidence in yourself?
DalJa/달자 : 뭐야?

TaeBong/태봉 : 자기 자신한테 그렇게 자신이 없냐구.
로펌에, 연봉 일억에, 외제차 몰구 다니는 애인같은거 없으면, 오달자씬 아무 의미가 없는 사람이예요? 그래?

남자 친구같은거 백수면 어덯고 부자면 좀 어때!
옷 좀 잘 입고 못입으면 어떠나구.

그런거 조건으로 주렁주렁 매달고 무슨 연애를 하겠다 그래요?
You have no self-confidence that you have to got a lawyer boyfriend, with a luxurious car, and a million-dollar-salary, thats it? Oh Dal Ja, are you a person who doesnt have any values at all, thats it? Why does it have to matter if your boyfriend is rich or poor? Why does it have to matter if he dresses well or not? How can you be in a relationship and be so materialistic?

DalJa/달자 : 누가 너랑 연애하겠대? 복수해준댔지?
Who says I want to be in a relationship with you? I want to have revenge!

TaeBong/태봉 : 그러기전에 본인 가슴에 손을 얹고 생각해봐요.
신세돈가 뭔가 하는 남자, 진심으로 사랑한게 맞는지..
사랑이 아니라면 복수같은거 할 필요도 없고, 정말로 사랑했다면..
그렇다면 더더욱 복수같은거 하느게 아니고!
But before you do that, you have to put your hands in your heart and feel if you really have loved that guy, Shin SeDo. If it was not love, then there's no need for revenge and if it is really love then there's really no need for revenge.

DalJa/달자 : 허! 내가 지금 사랑 때문에 이러는줄 아니?
미안하지만 나 사랑 때문에 이러는거 아냐, 자존심때문이지.

차라리 사랑이었다면... 그래, 한순간이라도 사랑이었다면

이렇게까지 기분 드럽고 자존심 상하진 않았을거야.
니가 보기에 그 딴 자존심이 뭐 그렇게 대단한가 싶겠지만
나한텐 그래,
지금 나한텐 사랑보다 자존심이 중요해! 왜냐면!!!

지금까지 나는 그 자존심 하나로 버텨왔으니까. 남자도 없고,
애인도 없는 내가, 이 나이까지 꿋꿋하게 버틸수 있었던것두
바로 그 자존심 때문이니까.
그러니까 너!

알지도 못하면서 함부로 떠들지마, 까불지 말라구!
Do you think I`m doing this because of love? I`m sorry for dissapointing you but I`m doing this because of pride, not love. If it was love then... Yes, if it was love, then I would not have been feeling this dirty and disgusted. You might think pride is not too important for me now. But for me, Pride is what made me survive with this life. Only one thing, Pride. I dont have a boyfriend or a man and it's because of pride. So you~ dont talk so easily about it and dont try to mess with me!

TaeBong/태봉 : 내가 보기에 당신은... 진짜 자존심이 뭔지 잘 모르는거 같네... 진짜 자존심이란건 그런다구 지켜지는게 아니잖아.
The way I see it, it seems you dont know what pride really is. Pride means you dont have to do it so that you can keep it.

DalJas Spring EP2
달자의봄 2희

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