DongHae of SuJu said *&#^($@@)*! at his fans

So I was in PopSeoul and read this news and I went to Naver and found it. Apparently, he was stuck with a thousand fans at the Beijing airport last week and they were swarming him like crazy and all he could do was curse them off - hmm. Bad Move? I guess so - its creating a big buzz.. apparently this is what he said.. "아이 씨, 나오라고.XX" A fan actually recorded it with a mobile phone, so here goes.

Am not a Biiiiig diiiiiie-hard fan of SuJu [cuz I f I am i'd prolly be nuts by now] but I do admit that I love the guys [theyre soo cute] ~ and thier songs. but I like SUJU T more now. Anyway, stars are yes, people too and they curse, they smoke, they do outrageous things too like what normal people does.. I mean, Courtney Love when in a concert she spits all the curses there is and fans would spit curses back.. What I mean is, if DongHae cursed them out. I say curse him out too. HeeeHeee. Just Kidding. ^^

credits to Naver for the caps and the fan who recorded this incident.

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