What`s the Point.

As you might see in my blog, I am posting~ and I will post a lot of my favorite scenes and lines from DalJa`s Spring. And not just in DJS, I will skim some of my favorite dramas and gather the favorite scenes and lines. Why? because the lines - in its original language are much more 'In The Mood'. Like, you can actually feel it. And if you know some of the language then its much better. I actually am not fond of DUBBED dramas but I cant help it since not everyone wants to learn a foriegn language like the korean language and subbing a drama is such a hardwork. It's just that I learned doing this eversince I started having a blog in DAUM. HeeHee.

So, I make this screencaps myself, review the lines over and over again and search the kor-eng dictionary, pause, rewind, pause and play and capture every scene so this is really taking a hardwork ~ but nevertheless I enjoy it. Am not claiming everything is mine since I got some help ~ thanks to WITHs2 subbing team for the english translation already so some of my problem lies on the original kor lines now.

Oh well, I love it. I have seen DalJa`s Spring twice already, going on thrice since its the last 3 episodes on KBSWord ㅠㅅㅠ and I will *hopefully* doing this also to my other fave. drama`s like, DaeJangGeum which I have seen 5x already, My Girl ~ 3x. My Name is Kim Sam Soon ~ 3x.. and other dramas I really really like.

The lines ~ may it be a catchphrase, a romantic line, a proposal line ~ it's part of the thing that makes a drama enjoyable. And I really appreciate them ^^

And oh yes. Lines from movies ? Okay. I will have them *sooner hopefully* for now, too pre-occupied STILL with DalJa`s Spring.

Altho loving WitchYooHee, As Much as Heaven and Earth, HIT, Crazy in Love.. I highly recommend them. Theyre currently airing on S.Korea ~ HIT, WYH, AMAH&E -- theyre doing pretty good with the ratings actually. ^___^


in korean~ 봄사랑. coz I used konglish and literally means SPRING LOVE if translated. And I made it that way since I love DalJa`s Spring, and the movie ONE FINE SPRING DAY.
and it seems Spring is my favorite season altho we dont have a SPRING season here.. haahaa..! 진짜! LOL.

& it's just that kkkwave seems like KKK~ like katipunankagagalang-galangan something.... and sorry to bother but please ~~ if you are linking this blog update the links... SORRY -____-;;
and thanks...

으이그... 진짜, 정말....

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