Who's that girl?

I mean GUY?? ^^

LOL that's my first love Bae Yong Joon and he looks effiminate but whattheheck, I Seriously think I have a hair fetish, coz I seem to fall drooly head over heels with guys that's long-haired. I mean seriously~ I my have a fetish!!! haahaa. Kidding aside, I love his new look, I've always loved long-haired men [with STRAIGHT hair not those with looooong wavy curls XP ] and like it or not I'd always love a guy who has a long hair. hahaa. And he's got the body so I still like him :D

Anyway Yonsama was my first love when it comes to k-entertainment. I mean he isnt the prettiest boy face but heck he got me falling~ loved him ever since Winter Sonata. And in real life I still remember my first love and how can I forget Yongjoon-ssi! ^^
I cant wait to see The Legend, I wish I had more time to spare to watch!

I really love Historical dramas, from Dae Jang Geum to Jumong to Emperor of the Sea to Damo to Hwang Jin Yi~ I guess am a sucker for 새국 드라마 ^^ I guess I should see Dae Jo Young, which is btw being shown in KBS World, it's just that I still dont have time to go watch every weekends (><) So yes, I've seen Korea through ancient times, through 1930's, 1970s, 1980s through movies and dramas... & yes yes, I admire them for using history as an entertainment, it's really interesting to watch as opposed to saeguk dramas being boring. I still like them. Yeah I love histories and epics thats why. Sorry but I'd rather watch loooooong saeguk dramas than over-rated teen dramas :(
Anyway more pics of 욘사마 from The Legend ^^

pictures credit to popseoul&kaorin

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