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My Love Pattzi

This drama is about a two girl's rivalry [even in men]. It all started when they were young, a love triangle between the two makes the other girl furious even after they grow up. Played by Jang Nara & Hong Eun Hee. Eun Hee is the villain and I must say she's a pretty face villain. She just pretends she's all nice and all to win affection of others *snort* I hated her character but her pretty *face* makes me hate her more. And her mean, smug smile, I wanted to wipe that off her pretty face. Ecch.
and Kim Rae Won & Kim Jae Won.. wahh Oppa overload. Haahaa. Jang Nara works as a mascot here, heehee and I think she's cute as ever :D This drama has good laughs and not much tears. A modern day Cinderella story, and a rich Prince Charming. Nice watch, and it's just a 10 ep drama. Wouldnt take long to finish.

Hwang Jin-Yi

For the Jae Won/Ji Won fans like me~ this is a must watch ^^ Hwang Jin Yi tells the life of a Joseon Era Gisaeng. "Gisaeng" are like the "Geisha's" of Japan. But Jin Yi who also calls herself MyeongWol is not just a Gisaeng, she's also a dancer, poet and a musician. And she plays the Gayageum very well :D This is a very nice tradional drama indeed. The most 'glam' of all the Saeguk drama's I have seen. First of all, the Gisaeng's Hanboks are very colorful and stylish and thier hairpieces are not your usual hair pieces that I have seen before and theyre adorned with colorful and pretty jewelries. Altho Jin Yi's life is tragic [her first love died protecting her] Jin Yi shines altho it takes long for her to recover, she still brings out the best in her. The student-mentor relationship of Jin Yi and her mentor Baek Mu is also very touching. This drama made me cry so many times... Eigoo.. And the twist of story where rivalries becomes friends conflict, I think is very refreshing in most dramas. Another great portrayal by Ha Ji Won, before she played as Damo, a joseon era policewoman, now a Gisaeng who have to dance. Great sceneries too and takes you a glimpse of korean tradional music and arts. Must watch.


Mu Hyeok played by Ji Sup oppa faces death everyday coz he has two bullets in his head :( still he insists on going to Korea to find his mother who he wanted to avenge on to becoz he was abondened by her and he was adopted by a foster parents in Australia. Then he met Eun Jae, played by Im Soo Jeong. How then will fight for thier love for each other despite the tragdey, pain and suffering? Again this drama is an absolue tearjerker! I cried many times while watching this..! Remember to bring your pack of tissues if you watch this. Mu Hyeok and Eun Jae's love story is a great but tragic one :'( and it really moved me. Great OST too. Must watch. but dont expect happy endings.

Something Happened in Bali

First of all, this is not your typical, giggly lovestruck story. This is more of the characters greed and material things they needed. Or so I thought. Although So Ji Sup and Jo In Sung is major hotties, I can't help but feel sorry for In Sung's character, Jae Min, coz he loves Soo Jung [played by Ha Ji Won] but then he's already tied with someone for marriage and although rich and handsome, I think he's a coward inside. I thought when they were in Bali, Jae Min and Soo Jung would have a one-night stand, I was wrong. Anyway Ji Sup plays as In Wook, fo a supporting role and altho just a supporting actor, he still shines. Soo Jung [HJW] is confused who will she pick, will it be Jae Min or In Wook? And the story revolves around the four main cast, Soo Jung, In Wook, Jae Min & Young Joo [Park Ye Jin] and thier complicated and sometimes confused path. The pace is fast-moving, keeps you at the edge of your seat. No borefests, just bawlfests - a little. Should watch.


Bi's a great actor, c'mon is there nothing he CAN'T do ? heehee. I loved this series, many twists and turns and this is Bi's drama that's my favorite. Waeyo? Becoz Rain always portrays some cute, nice or a funny, arrogant kind of character and this character of his is very refreshing to me. Bok Gu played by Jung Ji Hoon/Bi plays as conman and later on applying for Eun Sok [Shim Min Ah] bodyguard. You see Bok Gu and his older brother is separated when they were still kids and all his life he had been finding him. When finally he found him, he sees he have changed and he has problems. Love problems actually. He had been dumped by his girlfriend-actress and the girl being an actress, her family wanted her to have a rich prominent boyfriend, not a nobodu like Bok Gu's brother. One day, while talking in the attic house of his brother, and seeing his former's girlfriend on the billboard, he walks towards the billboard until the edge of the building and fell. Bok Gu is shocked and he vowed to get revenge on the girl. His brother's girlfriend turned out to be Eun Sok. Will he kill her for her brother? Or will he kill his love that's developing for her? Hmmm. Must watch.


Last Present

I will set aside my LYA fanism and make this short :D Lee Jung jae plays as Yong Gi, a struggling stand up comic, who tries all his best to win a stand-up comedy contest and his wife, Jung Yeon, played by Lee Young Ae works at her baby's clothes shop everyday. Thier marriage fell apart eversince thier son died, while still an infant and they even dont sleep at the same room anymore. They always fight and it seems theyre headed for divorce, but Yong Gi doesnt want to since it was a marriage he really fought hard with, coz Jung Yeon is an orphan and there's some issues in Korea that if your wife/husband to be is an orphan, your parents will clearly dissaprove of it. Anyway, one day Yong Gi found out his wife is already dying and he also found a list of names and he concluded that those are the person's she wanted to see for the last time. & With a name of the guy pointed out and that he concluded it maybe her first love. Thier love story unfolds one by one and his wife's first love will be revealed. This is a three hankie film, another tearjerker. And a very young Kim Tae Hee had a cameo in this film :D Jung Yeon hid her illness with the fact that her husband is supposed to bring laughters to the poeple, so she endured her sickness alone and doesnt want him to worry and get sad. The revelation that Yong Gi already knew her illness, is a very touching scene. And also the scene where one morning, Jung Yeon is advising her husband to always take care of himself and not sleep anywhere is soo touching it made me bawl. It shows that her time is near :( Will be a bawlfest if you watch. Must watch.


When I first saw the title, ...ING, I thought what the heck does it mean and what do it has to do with the movie, so then I proceeded to watch. The movie tells a simple story of a terminally ill high school girl. We discover early on that Min-a, played Im Su-Jeong has spent most of her life in and out of hospital. She hides her feelings away from the world along with her malformed hand. Spending most of her time at home or with her mother, Min-a is anything but liv...ing her life.
Until Yong-jae, came long, who moved into the apartment below Min-a’s. Yong-jae (Kim Rae-Won) tries to win Min-a’s friendship and after her initial disinterest he starts to draw her out of her shell, thanks in part to her mothers assistance. From here we get to see friendship and love blossom in a way that very few other films ever successfully capture. This also shows a wonderful and touching mother-daughter relationship with Min Ah's mother played by Lee Mi Sook. She plays also as Min Ah's bestfriend and confidante and sometimes hiding her concern for her daughter and her daughter calls her by her first name ! a very rude thing to do in Korea but seeing thier relationship, you will understand. This is a great movie, it plays with your emotions terribly ! you laugh and then next you will cry. Great OST too. Should Watch.


The movie starts with the group of closely related people who lives in the same house and altho not related they look like a happy family. So then the guy who looks like the leader of the pack ordered a girl to buy a lottery ticket, she then went to follow orders and the winning number is already pointed out. She bought it and while going home, watched tv first to look for the winning numbers, one by one the winning number is revelead and then found out the winning ticket is at her hands. She then dissapeared. Gangster Jae-cheol played be Lee Jeong Jin and corrupt cop Chung-su played by Lee Moon Sik then hunts down the girl to the island Mapado. But then Mapado looks like deserted, till they found out only 5 ajumma`s live there. At first it seemed draggy but once in Mapado, the fun stars and also the movie is livened up by the 5 ajumma's who are played by the five veteran actresses of Korea. This is a hilarious movie and have fun jokes and I promise you, your smile is all ears after watching. My most memorable scene is when the old women smokes "mary jane" after that they were all laughing like crazy, mwahaha... !Can't wait to see Mapado 2 :D Very good watch.

April Snow

I like Hur Jin Ho films, so this a must watch for me. And btw Yonsama is in this movie. He is my all time favorite hottie 아저씨. They say Hur Jin Ho films are boring~ like One Fine Spring Day and Christmas in August, but I say not. This movie, I must say is slow-paced but nevertheless touching. One day Insu is called payed by bae Yong Joon, that his wife had a car accident. But then his wife is with a man. Suh Young played by Son Ye Jin also recieves the same call, and then they found out thier partners are having an affair, with the evidences in thier cell phone's and in the video camera in the car. They then decided to have an affair themseves. Personally, I didnt feel the love between the two but maybe there really was love between the two of them. Great cinematography, and as always, Hur Jin Ho used season again for his movie and his knack for nature never seemed to amaze me. He shoots films in the most scenic places, I say. And at the end of the movie you will be confused. That's the trademark of director Hur Jin Ho. Could Watch.


I love this movie..! I love Yoo Ji Tae & Ha Ji Won is here too. Kim Ha Neul is a pretty face and her acting convinced me. This film reminds me so much of Il Mare. You have to watch why ;) The story revolves around So Eun played by Kim Ha Neul and In played by Yoo Ji Tae. Every night they talk in thier ham radios. One night they decided to meet up as they are on the same campus. But alas, niether showed up even when In was waiting almost all day and also So Eun waited but to no avail. They then discovered that they are not on the same years. He was from 2000 and she was from 1979. They didnt believe it at first but then he convinced her as he says what will happen next on her time. They then discovered further who they really are and turns out So Eun belongs to In's parents batch in school too, indeed So Eun knows his parents, but who is she really? the future, past, present and who they really are is in question, not to mention the amazing ham radios they use that even it's plugged off, still works. Tearjerker too, and I can relate to So Eun, wherein she gave up her love for other's happiness :'( Must watch.

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