Queens & Kings!

I am an original couple shipper in dramas. In the end, I hope these tandems stick together :) Even though the husbands here are portrayed as cold, calculating and sometimes mean and unappreciative of thier wives, you can't help but also admire them for the things they do. Women are really super. They will do everything they could for the ones they love, while on the other hand men are weak and vulnerable at times, often blind sided by others.

King Dalsoo & Queen Jiae

They're really good to see together. I feel the warm, fuzzy, familial vibes with them. The way the two without even showing that much physical contacts but with the simple kiss, or hug, you can really see how they have this chemistry. Jiae will do everything just so her husband can climb up the corporate ladder, Dalsoo will do everything in his will to support his family. They have not much money, but all together they are happy. When Dalsoo got his job, then the problems starts kicking in. Dalsoo then gets attracted to Suhyoon, and when Jiae finds out they were shattered. I still hope in the end these two find a way back to each other and Dalsoo comes back to his senses and Jiae forgives him and take him back.

King Taejoon & Queen Suhyoon

They had an arranged marriage. Taejoon never really loved her. But from the beginning Suhyoon really wanted to be loved, as she seemed to have real feelings towards him. He never gave him the chance, instead blaming her always and being cruel to her. So then Suhyoon finds another man to hold on to and someone who can be there when she needs him the most. I think they also have a chemistry together, but then they got divorced but after that they became more friendlier towards each other. I do still have hope that in the end these two stick together even though they got divorced and realized that the ones they like are happily married and not interfere with the other's lives.

King Joonhyuk & Queen Bongsoon

Bongsoon liked Joonhyuk eversince she saw him but Jiae dated him so she made a plan to break them up. That was how mad she was in love with him. Joonhyuk never seemed to forget Jiae his first love, so Bongsoon went to the extreme to get plastic surgery and learned everything she can to be the perfect wife for him. But he never seemed to appreciate her, and when he found out, she was behind him and Jiae's breakup he was mad at her than ever. It looks like Bongsoon was in a one-sided love. She did all she had to do to make him content and happy but she never even got love or affection in return. But when she had to have a major surgery and did not let his husband knew about it, he rushed to her and all she needed was a hug and assurance from him. I hope in the end, they will become happier, because they really seemed to be alike and perfect for each other all they got to do is stop living in the past and move on.

Happy ending would be Dalsoo♥Jiae, Joonhyuk♥Bongsoon & Taejoon♥Soohyun ^^


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Hi Mawee, great bog! Kim from KoreanClass101.com just sent you an email. Let me know when you get a chance to read. Thx!

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Just read & replied to your email! Thank you ^^

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