Soojung is growing up~!

Im Soojung & Hwang Jungmin

Im Soojung is officially an adult, and I think she just notched up a level in her acting career. In her new movie Happiness she has a BED SCENE. Yes, I believe she don't want to be cutesy anymore.. hmmm, but they don't have this chemistry for me, they're like ajussi-agassi! heehee! she looks so young to be her girl and he looks old to be her uncle? ... well that's how I see it.

The next picture you will see is RATED PG!

and did you just want to see some more? PS, this is purely artsy. CLICK!

From Popseoul:

The movie is about a partying business owner (Hwang Jung-min) who diagnosed with liver cirrhosis, finds himself at a countryside sanatorium where he meets and eventually falls in love with the eternally optimistic fellow patient, Eun-hee (Lim Su-jung) who has a critical lung disease. Sounds like a drama already.

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