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am not feeling good these days.. maybe because of the impending school just a few days to go...

If in USA and especially in Hollywood entertainment, celebs and stars fear the papparazi like heck. Papparazzis are dangerous~ in a way coz if they took a certain pic of a celeb and then sell it to tabloid writers of course they will write whatever they think about the certain celeb, and what will be written can be fact or fake. So yes, celebs and stars hate papparazis more than tabloid writers I think, because theyre much more bolder and they invade privacy all too much.. but in Hallyuwood or K-entertainment... there are fans and there are anti-fans. If you ask me who is more dangerous I'd say the anti-fans and fans of korea are the extreme. I hate them and I`m scared of them in both ways. Why? Here's the reasons why:

Overzealous attention from obsessive fans is something that celebrities have to endure. But the recent attack on popular Korean boy band member U-know with a glue-laden drink has startled Korea's entertainment world.What alarms entertainers and their managers is that incidents aimed at actors have become more common and life-threatening.

In 2000, the actress Yoon Eun-hye was attacked by a male anti-fan who shot her in the eyes with a water gun filled with a mixture of soy sauce and vinegar. Her agency claimed that the suspect must have wanted to blind her, but she refused to report him to the police after she discovered her injuries were minor.In the same year, another anti-fan sent a detergent-laden drink to the home of one the boy-band stars. It was disguised as a gift. The singer did not drink it, but one of his family member did, and was hospitalized after complaining of severe stomach pains.Gan Mi-yeon, a member of the all-girl pop band Baby VOX, went to the police for help in 1999 after she received an envelope full of razor blades. A rumor had spread that she was dating Moon Hui-jun, a singer from the male dance group H.O.T. Apparently, one of his younger fans sent her the envelope out of jealousy.The singer Lee Jeong-hyeon received text messages threatening that she would be "killed if you meet him". "He" was the singer Jo Sung-mo, who starred with her in a television commercial as a dating couple.The case of a veteran singer, Na Hun-a, was even more serious. He was slashed with a knife on his cheek while he was singing on stage. He still has a scar left on his left cheek.The actress Do Ji-won was kidnapped by a fanatic fan and confined inside a car trunk for five hours.
Recently in the Korean Showbiz, there had been cases where the celebrities agency receives a package which contains hypodermic needle and drugs through a motorcycle special delivery where they extorts large amount of money from the agency. Most Koreans Netizens conjectures that this series of weird crime technique might be done by anti-fans.Threatens that the celebritiy had been injected by ice; Demands the money to be transfer to their accountFrom this year October to early November, there had been two singers and 1 comedian artistes who had received a package which contains ice and hypodermic needles with a threat letter sticked on top. The letter read: "You had been injected the ice into your body unknowingly where you'll be unable to espace from the examination by the respective council.' In order to prove their innocent, celebrities who had been threaten had all went to the authority to examinate by having an urine test or by plucking out few strands of hair. Luckily, there were no traces of taking drugs being found.The Korean Police divulged that the suspects who have not yet been arrested, disguise as special delivery men who delivered the package to the celebrities agency where they extort amount range from ten million to 2 KRW million. These suspects demanded the celebrities to transfer the large amount of money to a online game account.In order to protect the reputation of the Korean artistes, no artistes who are being involoved in this incident had been revealed to the public. However, One celeb who had been involved in this incident discoled that he initally thought that it was a joke played by his over passion fans. However, he reported this case to the authority after feeling terrified about this matter. Most netizens felt that this could be done by the crazy Anti-fans.
There is no paparazzi in Korea; celebrities are afraid of anti-fansIt is said that in Korea, there will be a anti-fans website created for a celebrity once he/she had debuted. Though there is the ongoing Hallyu Wave, there is no paparazzi in Korea where there is only crazy fans who will invade their favourite celebrity's privacy. Therefore, there will be more and more fans for a celebrity who had high popularity; but at the same time, their number of anti-fans were also increase.One good example could be the recent incident of TVXQ leader: U-know Yoon Ho who had drank the poison beverage prepared by the anti-fans. Though there are many singers who have lots of fans, most Koreans felt that it is only the 'actors/actress' who really contribute to the ongoing 'Hallyu Wave' whereas for singers/band like H.O.T; most felt that they only use their looks and dance to attract fans. Though Rain Bi might have already been popular in other Asia C'tries, he still had many anti-fans as most felt that his body is even more attractive than his voice.

credits to joongang daily.
Not only that, when the now deceased kpop singer U;nee died the last few months ago, some anti-fans even wrote on her cyworld that says something like : "I`m glad youre dead bitch ," I mean... wtf is that about? For pete`s sake the girl is already gone.. now I know why some korean celebs are taking their lives because of the harsh comments and criticisms they recieve from the supposed fans and anti-fans... Am not really pointing fingers at anybody but they are just the extreme and I hate them deep down to the core... And it was reported that the too much pressures made her end her life. Celebs life are much gossiped about but the korean media alike and fans/anti-fans can be too harsh.. Heck I dunno... I dont trust much of the korean media nowadays.. [talk about ohmynews..] and recently with the accident of SUJU some anti-fans even expressed glee and joy about the k-group`s ill-fate... whatthefugg... hatism... & That `s why when I drop by a k-star`s cyworld I dont forget to leave a message in thier cyworld that I`m a "FAN". And in Korea they even have the ANTI-CLUB Cafe`s... geez~ I mean, cant we just spread the love not the hate?!?! and recently this news just made me rant down to this:

A young female student, after going on SBS ‘Surprising Contest Starking,' committed suicide and it has caused many to be shocked. What is even more shocking is that many suspect that she was driven to suicide by malevolent replies and threats. Lee Eun Ji (16)* was a first year in high school** and was on Star king, which aired on 4/28, for losing 40kg in 3 months. She hung herself and was found on 6/05 at 5:20am. The police suspect the cause to be her mom’s constant nagging about losing too much weight too quickly. However, other people suspect it to be the cause of malevolent replies and bashing. Her friends say that after the show aired, she received a threat from Super Junior fans because on the show, she was too friendly with Kangin. She also received many letters and evil rumors spread about her. As soon as her suicide was known, many people went on her minihompy and asked for forgiveness. They commented on the mindless people who were threatening her and spreading bad rumors about her. The cause of her suicide has not been confirmed yet, but all those bad things were plenty to break a young girl’s heart.

credits: cutiepie@sjfullhouse.net, herald media and lilo_hito@bww2 l

This just sickened me to the core... Cant nobody take a picture with thier favorite star? How jealous can you get that you will stalk someone and harrass her for just taking a pic ?!?! Now I believe the article, As I am aware of how psycho some of the korean netizens are.. just take a look at the infamous dog poop girl and how she was stalked down and harassed after the much dog poop incident... and thats not just it.. there's countless of internet vigilantism in south korea that I am too disg uted to even mention.. I ask.. WHY? Why torture them/harass until all the victim can do is either: a) take thier own life b) move away to a far-off place c) move out of the country d) change thier names/identity.. Anyway dont get into both the fans/anti-fans bad side.. just look at TVXQ`s Cassioepia, I have nothing against them but most of the k-stars are afradi of them. Like, I always watch 여걸식스 & X맨 and when TVXQ or one of them are guests theyre really gentle with the DongBang boys~ because they know if a certain star treat them badly the TVXQ fanclub will have thier backlash... like in the famous catch the mouse game in H6 where if a star commits a mistake he/she will have to be hit by a plastic hammer.. but most of the times they dont hit them too hard~ why? the DBSK fans will get enraged... Again, I have nothing against those fans but its not like the are gonna die if they got hit.. [gahhh] and also, Bin [Jeon Hyebin] even closed her cyworld because of Yunho~ she was always getting paired up with Uknow in Xman/Loveletter so yeah. And if a certain female star hugs a certain kpop star, expect that in a mater of hours the star`s number of anti-fans will be doubled~ its so pathetic~!! anyway I bet TVXQ fans are like enraged and mad about her.. the girl has a handful of antifans.. At first I wondered why and now I know~ because the girl gets to hug a Dongbang boy~! She's a great dancer and she hasnt done anything bad to others.. and just being paired with a Dongbang boy made her gain handsful of anti`s [pathetic] and there`s Hyunyoung who also has alot of antis mostly because of her voice~ [pathetic!] Its not her fault she was born with that kinda voice~ I now wonder whether the korean fan girls/anti-fans knows reality from fantasy world... theyre too shallow and too extreme..! [Now stalk me and harass me I wouldnt fuggin care~]

I dont like Suicide nor I approve of it but then if thats the only way for others then I say RIP~

& I might like K-entertainment too much but not to the point that it will be a worship for me and a religion and be too hateful and spiteful... there`s some korean stars I dont really like but not too the point I will spend time and energy hating on them, I might dont like some stars because they either lack talent but not to the point I will bombard the star about it! Korea has the most obsessive & extreme fans/anti-fans and korean media can be too overboard... Now that`s why some korean actors/actress dont even reveal thier non-showbiz boyfriends, girlfriends coz it may happen to this.. how obssessive and crazy some fangirls/fanboys can get... Now I dont even wanna associate myself with the word fangirl~


tiffany said...

Yes...you are right...if these anti-fans can have so much energy 'hating' another artiste...why don't they take these same energy and channel them into support for their own chosen artiste?

And for goodnes sake, these artistes are not going to know you either..so why get so worked just because another girl/boy hugged him/her?

It's really tough being an artiste...anywhere in the world.

orangepantss said...

It's odd enough that they have ANTI-FANS in their system, hahaha. Sa Korean entertainment lang yata may groups na ganun e.:P Wawa naman yung mga artists. If you like the artist, then go be a fan, if you don't, e di wag. Why waste time to hate on them? -_-

Anyway, there's no problem about being a Fangirl; some people just don't know their limitations.. but atleast we're not one of them!:D

Mawee said...

tiffany~ yes its tough being a celeb, you get to watch your life being talked abuot and stuff and you get criticized most of the times, i guess its the price to pay for stardom, but they have got to realize that celebs are people too and that they hurt and live and breathe also like what a normal person does..

nic~ there's anti-fans everywhere in the world but I guess it`s only in korea that theyre much bolder, braver and harsher. and they gang up just to let down an artist and now a fellow fan who just took a pic with a fave star. I love k-entertainment but its those anti-fans and die-hard fans that makes me so irked :/