In case you didn`t knew that is Fanny or 환희, the other half of the male duo ~ Fly to the Sky. In FTTS, I liked Brian more, although in singing aspects it`s Hwanhee`s vocals that I like more. Brian has pursued his solo career and his songs in his first album aren`t bad at all. And now it looks like Fanny is pursuing for a hiphop gangsta album~ hence with the look. Yes, like other male stars [korean] out there, he did some face job, some nose and some double lids and if he had not been working out, then he's pigging out. But despite the face job and more hunky bod~~ I think I LOVE HIM MORE!!! these type of looks really attracts me. Haahaa. Badboy looks attract me.. irkkk!!! Anyway this is how he looked like before. I like FTTS songs and a new album of the duo would be nice..
Anyway, it was only in S. Korea that I have seen males going under the knife~ mostly singers do it, Dongwan had some, Junjin, I guess and that vampire looking ballad singer~ [I dont remember coz am not really fond of him] I guess Tei had some too~ when I saw him at Pops in Seoul the past few months there was something in him that changed... wherein when I have seen him in variety shows before.. his noice isnt that pointy still.. I have nothing against Plastic Surgery, if you got the breads, then go for it. Am not the type of "Ooh~ he/she had plastic surgery, eeww" Really, I can handle PS. If only I had more money then I`d beautify myself too,.. heehee.,
Anyway, I love him more now, he's lookin hot, hotter and just my type ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
환희~~~ 파 이 팅~!!!

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