Viva Hyun Young~

Haha~ Hyun Young just opened her new lingerie line 비바첼라/Vivacella. Cool, she is following fellow friend Hyeyoung~ haahaa. But it's a lingerie line. Another former H6 girl who also has her own Fashion brand~ Zbago and that`s Shim Eun Jin. Anyway, its also cute that Soyeon & Hyeyoung~ her H6 friends have her single "연애혁명" as thier BG music on thier
미니홈피.. ㅋㅋ So, theyre showing thier support for her, nice. That's what entertainment friends are for! ^^ Also on the Vivacella site MC Jisuk, also former H6 girl Yuhjin sent thier congratulations to her.
So, here is the music video of her latest single, LOL. I admit her music is not to be taken seriously but heck, I love her and her song really makes me go LOL~ haahaa. Here is the lyrics which makes me sing along and laugh with glee.. haahaa! Pororo is in the MV~ *giggles* and i`m too busy these days coz of studying.. haahaa!

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