Dal Ja's Spring

달자의 봄


Dal Ja's Spring is the story of Oh DalJa, a 33 year old spinster who dedicated almost her life to her job. She's a successful Managing Director of Handa Home Shopping, and she's goodlooking, funny, kind and nice but-- she's still single at her thirties! Not to mention still celibate! She firmly believes that Consummation must be done after marriage and no way she believes in doing it before marriage. But then she then decided one day to set aside all her doubts and go for it - ask the guy he liked for almost eight years then for a date. It was Shin SeDo, her long-time colleague whom she had been liking for the past eight years since working together at Handa Home Shopping. She gathered her guts and then popped the question: "Will you have dinner with me?" but at the last minute feared she will be rejected, but then SeDo gave him a peck in the cheeks and said: "Finally, it took you, eight years to say that don't you?". And DalJa felt happy and all but she wasnt even aware that SeDo is the playboy type and her pride was hurt when she found out that he was seeing somebody else too, none other than one of thier colleage, Home Shopping Host, Wee SeonJu whom she considers her rival. She then vowed to take revenge and pursued the help of Kang TaeBong; a guy she accidentally met on the road. She thought at first he was a no good goonie and found out he works as a Boyfriend for Hire, where you can pay him to be your boyfriend for a time. And there came a guy, goodlooking, rich and nice~ whom she called her "Man of Destiny" - Eom KiJoong. A Love triangle between DalJa, TaeBong and KiJoong is formed, and can she ever be friends with ex; SeDo? The story then unfolds of DalJa`s struggle in her work, with the men around her that makes her life complicated, how she deals with everyday life and also how her social and moral beliefs affect her life and how finally she learns what love is and how to experience love, how to cry from love and how finally in the end how her love overcomes all. It also tells the story of SeDo and SeonJu`s path to true love and how players finally realize that Love is there for them to stay.

Cast and Characters:

Chae Rim as Oh DalJa

33 years old, MD of Handa Home Shopping. The spinster. She can be the most predictable person ever,she also believes in marriage comes first. She sure is picky when it comes to guys, and also has high standards for them and maybe that's the reason why she fails at dating. Not being an expert to love, she was fooled by SeDo's playboy antics and then thinks that KiJoong is her Prince Charming. Being the heroine of the drama, DalJa sure is admirable, not only with her personality but she's also the epitome of the modern day career women today. She's very successful with her job, has great friends, and she is a good daughter but one thing sure is lacking in her life and makes it complicated: Love.

Lee MinKi as Kang TaeBong

27 year old, freelancer. DalJa's Spare tire. She was hired by DalJa to be her fake boyfriend when she wanted to revenge on SeDo for dumping her. TaeBong was a very mysterious guy, he doesnt want DalJa to meddle on hs past and then had a dating contract with her, with a rule that if anyone of them develops feelings for each other, then the contract is over and they will separate ways. He is almost perfect it hurts, and he always seemed to be there when DalJa needs him, and then the time came that thier contract ends but then he surprised DalJa with hiring her to be his girlfried - taking things the other way around. Could it be that Taebong finally has feelings for DalJa despite the six years age gap?

Lee Hyun Woo as Eom KiJoong

36 year old, the Business Representative for Handa Home Shopping for foreign brands. DalJa's Prince Charming. He is well-known and gentlemanly, goodloking and not to mention *rich*. He said he doesnt like inexperienced women but then gets attracted to DalJa more. He then gets caught up with a love triangle against TaeBong and pursued her, but was he really sincere, as he is very possessive and hates losing, is just his pride, or his feelings are really pure love and sincerity.

Lee Hye Young as Wee SeonJu

33 years old, Shopping Network Host. The Ice Queen. A former model who returns as a host after getting divorced at 29. She is considered a pro in dating, she knows how the guys are, and also considered a 'player'. She claims she will never trust in a guy again after failing with love, and thus she doesnt believe in love anymore. While DalJa is easy to read, SeonJu is the unpredictable woman, she comes off as cold and calculating on the outside but deep down she was warm-hearted, she pretends to be strong but deep inside she's suffering and weak. She is talented and sincere in her job but can be choosy and fussy at times. SeDo then pursues her but SeDo, being a playboy and a notorious womanizer, doesnt believe him. But SeDo looks sincere with her but can SeDo touch her heart once again? Since she believes she wont ever love again.

Gong Hyung Jin as Shin SeDo

33 years old, Producer of Home Shopping Network. The Playboy. He agreed to go out with DalJa but after a few attempts of 'scoring' with her, gives up as he thought they were not really compatible. They then decided to let go for thier relationship since the one he really wants is SeonJu. But SeonJu, after thier 4th date broke up with him and he was aghast as her reason is that "She was sick of him" already. Never since his highschool years he said that a woman told him that she was sick of him. He then realized that his feelings for SeonJu is different and that he is for real, but then when will he realize that it isnt all about being good in bed and that in Love, trust comes first.


Dal Ja`s Spring can be the white book of women in thier thirties ~ not only because it teaches a thing or two about love but it also deals with the modern day career women and thier moral beliefs and social upbringing. It also teaches many things in life that a person can appreciate and learn from; in this drama it was shown that:

Love takes second chances. Even if you get hurt and then you build a wall around your heart because you dont want anyone to get into it ever again because you fear that the hurt and pain will cost you another heartbreak is wrong. Sometimes the right one for us is just in front of us and we deny and deny it because we don't want to get hurt again, and thus it is us who will suffer. DJS shows that even repetitive failures in relationships occurs, a failed marriage and a first love that got wrong, we can love again, and so we should open up our heart and just hope for the better and not grow into an endless wall that no one can ever climb.
With Love comes great Responsibility. Just like a great power comes a great responsibility, love is also like that. Of course, in love it is two people involved and thus one should feel responsible for the other ~ but not as a burden. We should feel responsible for the other but not to the extent that we should burden the other one. Also, if you have 'done' it, then you have to be responsible for it, after all you did it without hesitation so, if an unexpected thing happens, a guy should not blame the woman, nor pressure her.
It's not always about the Sex. Sure, some guys today, especially the playboy types are famous becoz theyre good in bed, but really, as a woman it's not all we want. Sure, a guy can make you feel lost in pleasure but then, does it stop there? A woman, has fairytale dreams eversince a little girl, and getting married and having someone to love her is one of the dreams a girl has eversince little, altho as a woman grows older, she realizes that there's no such thing as happy endings but then a guy should never stop with just being a good partner-in-bed. From time to time, everything should be balanced, so that a woman could feel secure, just holding hands on the street and watching a movie together and cuddling is enough to make the woman feel secure, so a guy should balance the things he does, because most of women are romantist at heart.
Age is only a number. So what if you like a guy three, four years younger, there is no law really that prohibits you from doing so. So what if youre already in your thirties, it doesnt mean that you'll deprive of yourself of love because you think that everything a woman needs is financial security and a guy who can provide you everything you need. Age doesnt limit us for falling in love, age shouldnt be a barricade for us to fall in love, age after all~ doesnt really matter.

Lovers can turn to friends. Yes, even a jilted ex can also be a great friend. There is a saying that if you continue to be friends with an ex, then there is only two reasons: either the two of you never really loved each other, or the two of you still loves each other.
Love knows no time. Because abscence makes the heart grown fonder. If you really love a person, the person stays in your heart and just stays there, because true love, even after two, three, four or even five years, if its love then time cant test it because what really matters is if you really love someone you dont count the years, you dont count the days but you are content and no matter what may happen, if he/she is the one, then he/she just stays there in your heart.

End of Part1 of DJS post ^^;

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