Hello Everyone.

여로번, 안넝 하세요~!

I finally decided to make a separate blog that includes my k-addiction. If you didn't know, I very well like some korean movies, dramas, variety shows, music, and celebs.

But then, it's all too much and my whole life is eating it up~~ not in a bad way though. But I have to organize my life and separate leisure from personal stuffs. So yes, I decided to make *another* blog.

This is the place where all my thoughts, rants, raves, reviews, and other hallyu related stuffs will go. I call this bloggie K-Wave~ for I think am really swept by the Hallyu. Heehee.

Anyways, this blog is not meant to inform, but just blabbers and thoughts of a k-fan and I don't expect everyone to agree with all my views and opinions, tastes and preferences that I have about "Hallyuwood" and surely, everyone can beg to disagree with me.

So, This is all for now.

잘가 ^ㅇ^

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