DalJas Spring ~ Kill Bill Parody

DalJa vs SeonJu... Fight!!!

SeonJu, never really wears pants - ever. But the item to be sold was pants. Classic white, linen pants. SeonJu was adamant on not wearin it, but DalJa insist she has to wear it, since it was useless to sell the items if the show host is not even wearing it. Who will win? DalJa or SeonJu... fighting!!!


달자: 야~ 잘난척 좀 그만해!!!
DalJa: Yah~ Stop showing off!!!

선주: 바지는 안입어. 내 다리 각선미가 안드러나잖아.
SeonJu: If I wear pants, then my leg line wont show.

달자: 진정한 각선미는 바지로 안가려지는 법이죠.
DalJa: But if you quit, then you know your image will dissappear too.

선주: 감각안나 모델 뭐.
SeonJu: No sense in fashion.

달자: 단 마다 머리줘.
DalJa: One unwanted brain.

선주: *Unfashionable Bear*

DalJa: *Worn-out Fox*

달자: 나의 내공을 무시하지마라.
나이는 장난으로 먹는게 아냐!
DalJa: Dont you underestimate me, I'm not just growing older.

DALJA~ wins! KO!!!


DalJa was sent off by her boss to fetch the person in charge of the item since his car broke down, but DalJa, at her age doesnt even have a sense of direction and it takes her two hours to get to where she;s going, especially if she's driving... in the end she ran at a dead-end and the team had to sell *rice-cookers* instead. She was scolded by her boss and was very mad at her. SeonJu then appeared.

선주: 참 좋은 회사야. 그러고도 안 짤리는 거 보면..
SeonJu: This is a good company, after what happened, I thought you will get fired.

SeonJu~ Bbasya!!

달자: 물론.. 나이먹었다고 시련까지 끝나는 건 아니다..하지만 우리의 달자.. 고생한 보람 있었다!!
자신을 위로하러 온 신세도.
DalJa: Yes, just because you get older doesnt mean you never get hurt.

SeonJu wins by her arrogant remark...! KO!

달자의 봄 희1

DalJas Spring EP1

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