JuMong cast in Cebu !

"On March 11, the casts and crew of Jumong will be having their vacation in Cebu. The main casts of course are included: Song Il-Gook (Jumong); Han Hye Jin (So Seo No) and Dae-So (Kim Seung Soo).
Therefore, upon hearing the news, a lot of Jumong fans there are dead curious on which of the hotels in Cebu will the Jumong casts and crew will stay and what particular tourist destination will they go for."
Cast of Jumong will be having a vacation/trip to Cebu this March 7-11~! Confirm it here - CLICK [I really read something with Cebu in it, heehee] Boy, do I want to fly to cebu right now?!?! You betcha I'd love too..! But since it's not that easy to get me tickets, I'd just have to ponder on what might have been ]:
I'm guessing that they will check in on Waterfront Cebu Hotel, Marriot Cebu City Hotel or the Mactan Island Shangri-la Hotel. Aigooo~ lucky lucky people [: & I wanna have a weekend Jumong marathon but then too many projects to finish ㅠ.ㅠ

Picture of Han Hye Jin & Some casts arriving at Cebu International Airport.. !
Lucky Cebuanos.. ^ ^ Heehee :D

As for some who didn't knew, Jumong finally ended its last episode last March 6, and the ending~~ nah I dont wannabe a spoiler ^ ^.. heehee. Some pix from the farewell party:

The Prime Minister & The Priestess.. heehee. Theyre goofy [:

Sa Yong my love~~ heehee !! I wuvv him [:

Yeomieul, The Queen & Yuhwa ^ ^

Lady Yuhwa [:

from l-r: Yeontabal, Lady YuHwa, Jumong, Soseono, King Guemwa & Prince Daeso

top left: Sa Yong - no, Bae Su Bin. Top left: Oh Yi & Hyeop Bo. Bottom right: Yang Seol Ran

Jumong! Hwaiting ^ ^

Oo Tae ~~

Hwang Hu ~ Kyeon Mi Ri

Han Jung Hoon as Mari. The smart one in Jumongs three stooges.. heehee

many thanks to naver, osen, newsen, magazine t and jo-i news for the pictures.

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