My Story

K-Fanism started three years ago. Mauwy was tuned in at a local channel and saw Winter Sonata, fell in love with Bae Yong Joon and admired Choi Ji Woo from the first glance. Eversince, Yonsama and JiWoo~hime became her favourite k-stars. Eversince, she watched all of JiWoo~hime's drama on the local channel -- from Beautiful Days, Truth, Mr. Duke, Stairway to Heaven and recently an old drama of her, First Love with Bae Yong Joon. Yep, it wasnt Winter Sonata that they first hooked-up it was on First Love. Also loved her movies, like Romantic President, First Kiss and Yeonriji. As for Yonsama~ she was her first love. She stalked him since, from Hotelier, Papa and yes, First Love. Was shocked when she saw his movie Untold Scandal, but nevertheless appreciated the movie and learned that Joseon Dynasty has its own expliticism. Loved April Snow and now highly anticapating The Great Kings and Four Gods.

And then..
Stairway to Heaven came along, fell deep in love with Kwon Sang Woo and cried every heartbreaking scenes. and thus, My Wife is a Gangster came along and she was impressed as ever. Sassy Girl also came and she thought Jeon Ji Hyun was such a pretty face. First time ever to watch a korean film in themovie theather with the movie A Tale of Two Sisters, had a fright but got to rewatch again, as the story was complicated.. but really loved it.

And one day she was tuned in at a local music channel and saw a Music Video from the band called K.I.S.S. and the song was called; Because I`m a Girl. She was deeply moved byy the storyline of the MV and amazed at how tragic it was yet so beautiful and how the song, at first really wasnt understood by her but yet she liked it. Thus, K-Ballads was also her first love, K-Pop.. just the second..

It was three years ago..
Since it started. And Dae Jang Geum came along...

It was the trigger point in which she became too much of a k-addict. It was when she started to learn Hanguk-Mal, and appreciated more of Korean Culture. Haahaa. Lee Young Ae became the #1 Favorite actress, and has almost seen all of her dramas [except for some] watched most of her CF's endlessly for a time, and also stalked Yang Mi Kyung when she came here in the country.
Almost all her dream guys are k-oppas.
Hallyuwood is here in me.

And thus.
I think this is a major fanism.
This blog is made due to my fanism.

Hahaha. *in my desk*

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