Korean Stars ~ Self Cam

It's called 셀카 in korean. Self-Cam, meaning you take a pic for yourself. I think it's cute, I mean everybody does it, dontcha. I mean, I do it all the time. Haahaa.

Most of the pics here, I got from thier cyworlds. Heehee. Yea, I can be a *stalker* sometimes. LOL. Anyway, I was showing my sis the star's cyworld and tell her how cute it is that they post thier pix on the net, share thier stories and all and my sis told me... "Nah, that's not them, some peeps are just pretending to be the real actor/actress"
and I say, "It is the real THEM unless its a fake one.. oh well anyway. I think some of the cyworld of the stars are legit. It's just here in my country that some nonsense peeps make a friendster acct of celebs and pretend its the celeb.. Well it creates confusion amongst people. And partly, its purely pathetic.. pretending to be the celeb.. gahhh...

Yeah, like us normal people, they take pictures of themselves too. And its not really vanity. I think its cute.

After all, stars/celebs are people too. Yes. ^^

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